Gauleiter “E” And The Boyz ….

Why are the Boys now upset with Gauleiter E. and not speaking to him?

In 2011, when SHOW HIO was a young creature full of vim and vinegar, Herr’s  Gauleiter E. got out front and told the Boys,  don’t worry,   we’ve got this thing covered for you.

Then Jackie McConnell got busted at the 2011 Celebration, and right after that he was indicted by the Feds.

As storm clouds gathered and the Boys became concerned, Gauleiter E’s position was,   Don’t ask questions ““ You don’t need to know a lot of details – Just trust us.

And if you have a problem, we’ll take care of it.

Gauleiter E. thought he was in charge ““ but he really never was.

E. should have known this when in February 2012,   he called an important  “Status of Affairs” meeting in the Blue Ribbon Club,   and WHTA thought so much of the meeting, they had a highly advertised   Basketball Game in Shelbyville scheduled for the same time as Gauleiter E’s meeting.   They all went to the Basketgame and skipped out on E’s confab.

That should have told Gauleiter E. that he wasn’t being taken seriously.

But E. kept on with the strategizing and master planning while all along told the Boys and the rest,   don’t  worry,   we’ll take care of it.

Then in May 2012, Jackie pled guilty in Federal Court for violating the HPA,

And then ABC aired the Jackie McConnell tape beating and soring the horse which went viral with about 500,000 hits.

And then the  USDA in June 2012,   after having it sit aroound for over a year on the Secretary’s desk, reacting to the uproar over Jackie McConnell,    popped the “Minimum Penalties” out of the box ““ and told Gauleiter E’s SHOW HIO,  if you haven’t accepted them, you are going to be decertified.     It is noted that   WHOA HIO went ahead and accepted the Mandatory Penalties.   The Penalties were designed to stop the practice of soring.

So true to their word to the Boys, Gauleiter E’s SHOW HIO. and Gauleiter M. and company hauled off to Texas and reared back and chunked a lawsuit at USDA saying we need Temporary Restraining Order and an Injunction or the world is going to come to an end.

The Federal Judge looked it over, and after a week, basically said,   you probably ain’t going to win this one outright and ain’t nobody going to be hurt if I don’t grant Temporary Restraining Order on Injunction stopping the Mandatory Penalties, so I am not going to do what you ask.

The Judge called for a trial in 7 days ““ And the Gauleiters said well that isn’t exacdtly what we had in mind, so they decided to do it by letting the Judge look at paperwork.   Then the Judge decided to let some more folks have a say in the matter ““ some non friendlies ““ like American Horse Show Protection, FOSH, NWA, and IWHA ““ do a rat a tat tat on the Lickers heads. And that whole process ended in January 2013, with the Judge to make a decision.

But I digress.

The Boys were becoming restless.

So ever the brainstormers,   Gauleiter E., SHOW HIO and Company came up with “Swabbing Initiative” and told the Boys, if you do this, it will show you are serious about stopping soring, and we can take this to the USDA and cut a deal for you.

You must understand that SHOW HIO is part of the Celebration.

Here is the Celebration news release on Swabbing.


“The Walking Horse Trainers’ Association’s Enforcement Initiative will begin with its swabbing protocol at participating horse shows on June 15, 2012. The new initiative will test for caustic agents and masking agents through gas chromatography- mass spectrometry (GC-MS) technology.

Any entry testing positive for a foreign substance violation through the enforcement initiative will result in the trainer receiving a two-week suspension of their trainers’ license and all violations will be made public on the WHTA web site. In addition, all violations will be made public to industry HIOs accepting the protocol.

The new enforcement initiative of the WHTA will be administered by independent veterinarians and/or veterinarian technicians. The results will be sent to the independent lab identified by the Tennessee Walking Show Horse Organization (TWSHO), who has helped administer and fund the initiative. Those results will be reviewed by an Independent Commissioner outside of the Horse Industry for imposition of the appropriate penalty in conjunction with the TWSHO and WHTA representatives. Testing and results will take 7-10 days to receive.”

“Our board and our membership understand the importance of this initiative as we continue to place importance on the welfare of our horse. We have a great horse capable of great things and this initiative will prove the natural ability of the Tennessee Walking Horse. We urge all horse shows that allow Tennessee Walking Horses to embrace and implement this testing,” said President Jamie Hankins.

“Although we are extremely disappointed in the recent joint statement of the American Association of Equine Practitioners and American Veterinary Medical Association, we are encouraged that it clearly and correctly pointed out that our action device and package cause no harm to our horse,” concluded Hankins.

Any trainer or entry that refuses to submit to the testing prior to showing will not be allowed to enter the class and will receive a suspension of their license for two weeks.”

So extremely reluctantly, the Boys agreed to do “Swabbing Lite” and never did say exactly what substances were being tested for, and although sputtering at the start   kind of got on with it.

So fund raising started to take care of the Federal lawsuit,     “Swabbing Initiative” and to pay for Purple Strategies to put the spin on everything.

The Friends of the Show Horse threw down their last $50,000.00 toward the effort.

According to Terry Dotson, about $300,000.00 was spent on the Texas lawsuit. And the rest on Purple which is no longer on the payroll.

So the 2012 Celebration came and there was a “Swabbing Initiative” ““ with no transparency ““ which didn’t tell what was being tested for ““ and didn’t publish the results.     The swab  test results apparently came back to a Trainers Committee which then decided what to do with them ““ and after they had ““ they would give what they had to a “Commissioner” who would then publicly announce if anyone had sinned.   Out of the entire Celebration, there were only two or three sinners.

The whole idea behind Swabbing was apparently to show the USDA that the Lickers were serious about cutting soring, then cut a deal the Boys could live with.

The USDA didn’t go for it.

After arguing all winter of 2012-2013 about what to do,   the Lickers finally came up with this Terry’s Troopers PSHA ““ and they were going to run up to Washington and cut a deal with the USDA.

It sent nowhere.

So the Boys are now not speaking to Gauleiter E.

And the “end of the day” or the “light at the end of the tunnel”,   depending on how you look at things,  is going to come with the Federal Judge’s ruling on the lawsuit out in Texas.

The Judge’s decision could come any day now.