TWHBEA Past Presidents Support HSUS Sponsorship

TWHBEA Past Presidents Vote To Recommend Approving TWHBEA Accept HSUS Sponsorship

July 17 ““ The Past Presidents’ group met and approved a Motion by a 3 ““ 2 vote to recommend that the TWHBEA Executive Committee accept the HSUS (Humane Society of the United States) $1,000.00 sponsorship of the TWHBEA World Versatility Show. The PP group members are former Past Presidents of TWHBEA which has served a “ceremonial role”. Until this action, the group has never gone on record making a recommendation to the TWHBEA Executive Committee.

PP Marty Irby, David Pruett and Tracy Boyd (current President) voted in favor of the motion; and Walter Chism and Jim Welch voted against it. Jerrold Pedigo abstained. PP Steve Smith was present earlier, but left the meeting before the motion was approved.

TWHBEA is governed by a 14 member Executive Committee which is elected annually by its Board of Directors in its December meeting.

In May, the Executive Committee in a historic move endorsed Congressman Ed Whitfield’s HR 1518 Bill (PAST – Prevent All Soring Tactics) to amend the HPA and eliminate the soring practices which have burdened the breed. Following the EC action, the Board of Directors then attempted to overrule the Executive Committee, but under the TWHBEA By-Laws, the Board of directors does not have that power.

TWHBEA is presently on record endorsing the proposed Whitfield amendment, HR 1518, which would remove the pads and chains from Tennessee Walking Horses in the showring.

Steve Smith, a resident of Franklin, is a behind the scenes Tennessee political heavy weight. Smith is presently serving as(R-TN)U. S. Senator Lamar Alexander’s Finance Chairman. His son, Stephen B. Smith, is an executive with Purple Strategies which helped spin the Gulf Oil Spill for BP, and was employed by the “Big Lick” interests in 2012 to help defend them against charges of being associated with the alleged institutionalize practice of soring Tennessee Walking Horses.

Steve Smith is strongly rumored to be a candidate for TWHBEA Director to be elected in October.

Allied with Big Lick Group fighting HR 1518Irby Supports HR 1518

Marty Irby is the immediate TWHBEA Past President. Irby was formerly a Big Lick padded performance champion, but has now apparently joined the sound horse supporters.