Celebration “Soaks” Its Patrons With Last Minute Fee Increases

In a shocking move, with the August 6 entry date looming, the Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration drastically jacked up its fees at the last minute.

Entry Fee $135
Inspection Fee $ 25
Ground Fee $190 250% Increase
Stall Fee $295

The Mule Show which was this past weekend:

Ground Fee $ 10
Stall Fee $ 80

Mules – $90

Tennessee Walking Horses – $485

Folks have always said that mules are smarter than horses.

Wonder if that saying applies to mule owners compared to Tennessee Walking Horse owners.

All joking aside, the questions are:

1. How much money has the Celebration lost in recent years due to declining spectator attendance and decreasing entries.

2. How much of the loss is due to the public associating the alleged institutionalized practice of soring with the Celebration.

3. How much longer before the Celebration:
A. Accepts that the Public has rejected Tennessee Walking Horses being exhibited in the pads and chains which are associated with soring.
B. Starts selling assets to meet its expenses.

Celebration CEO Mike “Banty Rooster” Inman seriously needs to ‘splain some things. Looks like Purple Strategies has its work cut out for themselves on this one.