Shelbyville, TN ““ Here comes the first dose of the 2013 Purple Strategies version of the Celebration “misinformation campaign” where SHOW HIO again tries to hold the TWHBEA Futurity hostage. Herr’s Lickers first effort fizzled when TWHBEA Executive Director Tracy Boyd didn’t cave in on Celebration/SHOW HIO’s demand that TWHBEA reverse its endorsement of HR 1518.

TWHBEA Executive Director Tracy Boyd didn’t flinch in the face of the Celebration’s thugish attempt to force its will on the TWHBEA Executive Committee for taking the courageous and historic position to endorse HR 1518 ““ Whitfield Amendment in an effort to save the Tennesee Walking Horse.

Now in this latest Purple press release, SHOW HIO has given up on trying to extract assurance TWHBEA will go back on its endorsement of HR 1518, but now it wants TWHBEA to agree to put itself back under the Celebration’s thumb and move its Futurity back to Shelbyville.

And proposes that everyone will live happily ever after. SHOW HIO guy says, “industry get back together for the betterment of the horse”. This should read get back under the Celebration control for the betterment of the Celebration to stop it from going down the drain financially.

But I digress ““ back to Herr’s Lickers idea to “unify” the horse business under the “Big Licker” control. Herr knew he couldn’t swing it by himself, so he looked to the revenue base of his business model ““ who else ““ the Trainers.

The Trainers (WHTA) leadership spearheaded by WHTA President Mickey McCormick (pictured below) jumped in bed with Herr’s highly questionable concept which envisioned that PSHA would supercede SHOW HIO ““ which is heavily burdened with $559,000.00 debt underwritten by the Celebration.

USDA official Kevin Shea, when the PSHA gave last minute notice of the eve of the Trainer’s Show that it would be inspecting horses, said not No, but Heck No. PSHA somehow forgot it was suing the USDA in Texas and didn’t give much importance to the requirement that it be certified as an HIO before it started inspecting horses. Shea knocked that one in the head.

But back to the Trainers ““ rather than Trainer Mickey and his crowd work toward some kind of solution to the problem during the winter after the disastrous 2012 Celebration, the best they could come up with at their December Annual meeting/partyfest was “camouflage” chains. Then they dawdled around the rest of the winter until the Herr’s Rich Folks came up with this PSHA idea which made Herr Howard awful happy because it offer the possibility that the $559,000.00 SHOW HIO/Celebration debt might be paid off IF there could be some way to force unity. Herr’s Lickers idea was get the Trainer Boys to go along with the scheme, but to do that, the Trainer membership would have to vote and approve it.

So Trainer Mickey and his leadership cronies put out the message (see below) intended to “scare” and “stampede” the Trainers into signing away their CUSTOMER’S RIGHTS to show at the shows they wanted to with the following language: “THIS MEETING COULD BE ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT MEETINGS OF YOUR LIFETIME”.



So the Trainer membership met and they were sold a bill of goods by Mickey prancing to what Terry and Herr Howard wanted done.

So then Herr Howard had what he wanted ““ a monopoly that “might” bail out his beleagured failed debt ridden SHOW HIO. His idea was the Trainer Boyz led by Trainer Mickey would be the enforcment arm of the pay off the SHOW HIO debt policy. When confronted or questioned about the draconian UnAmerican policy of trying to force Trainers to dictate to their customers where they are going to show their horses, Herr Howard shrugs and says simply says ““ the Celebration had nothing to do with this ““ this is a Trainer’s policy.

And actions such as these are why the Celebration has been losing money for the past five years, and SHOW HIO is in debt to the tune of $1,491,000.00 which if the 2012 trend continues in 2013 will approach a cool $2,000.000.00.

So Purple’s dealing with the Licker Gusher has begun.

Watch for it to heat up in days to come.

Purple Celebration Press Release
“SHOW HIO has offered to affiliate the 2013 TWHBEA National Futurity following receipt Monday of a limited request from TWHBEA. The Breeders’ Association requested that SHOW affiliate 5 padded walking horse classes at their Futurity on July 28 in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. They also requested that their three judges ““ Jason Bachert, Larry Martin and Dee Dee Miller ““ be granted SHOW judging licenses for this one event.
In addition to the affiliation, SHOW and the Celebration invited TWHBEA to use their grounds free of charge the night preceding the start of the Celebration. Until last year, TWHBEA had always hosted the Futurity on the Celebration grounds the night preceding the show and used judges licensed by SHOW or its earlier affiliating bodies. TWHBEA moved the Futurity date and show to Murfreesboro last year and affiliated with SHOW. This year they affiliated with WHOA and subsequently asked SHOW to make a special exception to affiliate just 5 classes and judges not licensed by SHOW. SHOW has had a policy of not splitting or sharing affiliations or allowing its judges to adjudicate at shows of other HIO’s since its inception.

SHOW Board president Buddy Nelson stated “We are more than happy to make this offer and reintroduce the Futurity being held on our grounds the night prior to our show as it had been for over 70 years. This will alleviate the conflict for padded horse owners showing at the Futurity and not being able to show at The Celebration. This would also qualify those entries for the World Grand Championship classes at this year’s Celebration. If it is too late to move to our show grounds this year, we extend the same offer next year.”
Earlier this year the Walking Horse Trainers Association ruled that trainer’s showing horses at shows not affiliated with SHOW would lose their license for 6 months. Years ago, in cooperation with the Trainers’ Association, the Celebration agreed to only let licensed trainers show at their show. “Despite TWHBEA’s recent difficulties, financially and otherwise, we are willing to reach out to them and Futurity exhibitors in a spirit of cooperation and in hopes of bridging the gap between our two organizations” stated Nelson. “It is imperative that the industry get back together for the betterment of the horse and also benefit the loyal exhibitors and fans that support both organizations and the industry.”

TWHBEA President Tracy Boyd (at the time) stated that TWHBEA reached out to the SHOW through a third party with this request several weeks ago. Nelson said “We have never received any such request until Monday, July 21st and have considered the request and responded promptly today.”

Also, PSHA recommended that SHOW honor TWHBEA’s request based upon the belief that TWHBEA had come out publicly in opposition to the Whitfield bill. Subsequently, PSHA withdrew that recommendation. PSHA withdrew the rec because TWHBEA never went on record opposing the Whitfield bill. Now here is some real Purple Speak – “The Celebration respects both PSHA and TWHBEA and chooses to remain out of the ongoing discussions between the two organizations,” Nelson said.”
Seriously, you couldn’t make this hootenanny up if you tried.


Proprietor - Der Spiegl

Proprietor – Der Spiegl