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There was a controversy at the 2012 Celebration when the TWSHO “Lickers” allegedly invited Dr. Scott Hopper from the prestigious Rood & Riddle Vet Clinic in Lexington, Kentucky. It first appeared that Dr. Hopper was paid by the Lickers to be present in the Celebration Inspection area to check horses after they were turned down by USDA Inspectors. Hopper was allegedly preparing Affidavits of his inspection of the horses to be used for who knows what.

Word got back to Rood & Riddle after the Celebration that one of its esteemed vet partners was down in Shelbyville cavorting around at the Celebration, and it issued a Press Release distancing itself from the “Lickers”.

Rood & Riddle Statement on Tennessee Walking Horse Show
Created on Saturday, 08 September 2012 15:43
Rood & Riddle enthusiastically supports the efforts of the AAEP and AVMA to eliminate soring and other intentional methods of inducing pain in the training and performance of Walking Horses.
As recently correctly reported on the Internet Dr. Scott Hopper of the Rood and Riddle Equine Hospital was recently in attendance at the 2012 Tennessee Walking Horse Show in Shelbyville, Tennessee as a volunteer observer and consultant. Contrary to Internet reports Dr. Hopper was not paid, did not call a press conference, and did not repeat the examination on all of the horses examined by the USDA inspectors.
Dr. Hopper and the Rood and Riddle Equine Hospital enthusiastically support the efforts of the AAEP and the AVMA to eliminate the use of painful means to affect a horse’s gait in training or performance.
Dr. Hopper’s presence is testament to our belief that there is value in the restoration of the horses of the Tennessee Walking Breed to their original, once proud, plantation heritage, and in the reformation of the municipal celebration of Shelbyville, Tennessee to its seventy four year old roots of showing horses in their best light, not in some aberration of their strengths. It is our belief that active veterinary involvement is paramount in bringing about positive change in the care of all breeds of horses for all uses.
About Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital
Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital is a full-service equine hospital established in 1986 as a referral center for horses requiring specialized medical and surgical care. Today Rood & Riddle is known and respected throughout the world for innovative and highly skilled treatment of horses. … Visit http://www.roodandriddle.com to learn more.

Purple Strategies jumped in and tried to cap another “LIcker Gusher” and prepared the following statement:

A Statement from TWSHO
September 12, 2012 |
Contact: Jennifer BakerӬ 615-556-7940
“The Tennessee Walking Horse Show Horse Organization (TWSHO) recently invited Dr. Scott Hopper to attend the 74th Annual Tennessee Walking Horse Celebration. It had been mistakenly reported that Dr. Hopper was “retained” by TWSHO which in fact Dr. Hopper was an unpaid professional who volunteered his time and services. Dr. Hopper has not and will not receive any remuneration for his services. TWSHO asked Dr. Hopper to observe and gather information in an effort to help all parties involved work cooperatively to eliminate the practice of soring and continue the reforms needed in the Walking Horse Industry.”

It appeared what Dr. Hopper was doing there was to provide some reassurance for Big Lick folks if things didn’t go well with the USDA inspection of their horses that he would be able to opine about the condition of their horses.

Did he get paid? Did he not get paid? Who, if anybody, paid him?

An inspection area in Shelbyville, Tennessee during the heat of August is one helluva way to spend a vacation.



  1. I’ve always wondered why a vet would take 10 days off of work (if he was there all 10 days) to watch inspections for free…it just never jived with me.

  2. more than one way to pay a guy,a DQP hire at a show in my neck of the woods yrs back got paid to pass horses,with booz and a lady of the evening,need I say more,more than one way to get paid these days folks.

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