Shelbyville,TN – While Heavy Hitters – Dehaven, Benefield, Bippen and Lane – were in Washington speaking for the future of the Tennessee Walking Horse with U. S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack, Celebration CEO Mike Inman was busy turning the hallowed Celebration grounds into a “Biergarten”.

Celebration Bier Patron - Wir Mussen Haben Gemutlichkeit Watching Tennessee Walking Horses.

Celebration Bier Patron – Wir Mussen Haben Gemutlichkeit Watching Tennessee Walking Horses.

You really can’t make this stuff up.

Wunderkind promoter, Herr Howard’s Biermeister Mike Inman rolled the 17.7 miles all the way down to Tullahoma, TN and signed up the local beer guy, L & H Distributing Company, in truly a remarkable feat to land a “major” corporate sponsr. And then Purple whipped up a press release announcing this feat although it truly didn’t look like Purpleish grade work. The release is confusing because it mentions that patrons at the evening performances can purchase “beer and alcohol” in the outdoor arena – then goes on to say “no alcoholic beverages will be allowed to be brought inside the gates of the arenas”.

What in the world are they trying to say?

“Can purchase it in the outside arena, but can’t bring it inside the gates of the arena.”
Celebration CEO Mike Inman

What are they trying to say?

Are you completely confused by now?

Well here, please read it yourself and please give me your interpretation.

The Celebration is proud to announce its newest partner and corporate sponsor, L & H Distributing Co. L & H distributes Anheuser-Busch brands as well as other brands that include Yuengling, Fat Tire and Monster Energy to name a few.
In addition to its sponsorship, L & H will partner with the Celebration for sales of its products in the Calsonic Arena and outdoor Celebration arena. This will mark the first time patrons to the Celebration evening performances can purchase beer and alcohol in the outdoor arena. As part of the partnership, no alcoholic beverages will be allowed to be brought inside the gates of the arenas.
The Celebration could not be more excited. Not only do we enter into a new relationship with L & H Distributing, but we have an opportunity to enhance the Celebration experience for our patrons,” said Celebration CEO Mike Inman.
“We are very pleased to be partnering with The Celebration. Our relationship has certainly gotten off to a good start and we look forward to this event being enjoyable and successful for everybody involved,” said Robert Hennigan of L & H Distributing.
L & H Distributing Co., Inc. is located in Tullahoma, Tenn.”

NOW, do you understand any better?

All I can say is Henry Davis has to be rolling over in his grave with this development. When the visionary Davis suggested starting a civic project to compete with a neighboring town’s “strawberry festival”, he never envisioned that the horse show grounds would be turned into a Biergarten. And the civic organization the Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration started out to be turning into a stumbling bumbling questionably managed outfit that would rack up $931,000.00 in losses over five years, be in debt $559,000.00 for a non-compliant SHOW HIO, and heading toward $2,000.000.00 in losses/debt before 2013 ends.

One last note, it’s a darn good thing that the Biergarten wasn’t there in 1986 when Ebony’s Time Around got turned down. Shortly after that, some of his unruly fans grabbed up a banner with the horse’s name on it and stormed over the cyclone gate, and went down the entrance chute straight into the Center Ring where they raucously staged a mini-insurrection before 26,000 spectators finally before exiting the ring.

You just had to be there to believe it.

Now can you imagine what would have happened if those good ole boys were “all tanked up” on beer. Actually, they did a pretty good job of creating mayhem without being sauced by just being a bunch of mad rednecks.

Friends, please tell me what in the world are those folks in Shelbyville going to do next?
The Kingfish - "Herr" Howard


  1. There is going to have to be alot of beer drank at the Celebration to make up a 2 million dollar deficit.

  2. Where did you get the idea those guys with the banner were sober? The only difference here is The Celebration will get the revenue. You can drink beer in major league parks and stadiums all across America, why not at the Celebration?

  3. Oh my! I wonder if Anheuser-Busch realizes that one of its distributors is sponsoring the Celebration. One would think that Anheuser-Busch which promotes its Clydesdales, would want to distance themselves from any negative publicity in regards to horses.

  4. I “think” the press release is trying to say that because of this “partnership” with the beer guy, the good ole boys and gals will NOT be able to bring their OWN alcoholic beverages into the arenas in flasks and such as in days past.

  5. Well War Eagle. you are certainly correct that the Celebration needs the revenue since they lost about $438,000.00 last year. And somebody’s got to pay for SHOW HIO. Maybe the next thing they will do is get a Reptile World Serpentarium and let patrons look at exotic snakes or something nifty like that. Or a traveling carnival to set up with a Ferris Wheel or something.

  6. I was thinking maybe a wet t-shirt contest or stripper poles. I realize some of the licker women might not be much to look at, but think about the entertainment value. Fat ole rednecks love that stuff.

    • Thank you for the images, WSH. I’ll be pulling up mental pictures of portlyl ladies with short curly “church lady” haircuts, wearing nothing but a gaudy open day coat and maybe a pair of very, very high heavy platform high heels… pole dancing. Oh, how they dangle and bob.

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