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Washington, DC ““ U. S. Department of Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack will welcome today a nationally recognized contingent of equine authorities who will spend an hour with the Secretary speaking on behalf of the Tennessee Walking Horse and freely discussing a wide range of matters including the USDA’s enforcement of the Horse Protection Act, and other serious TWH related issues.
U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack

Tom Vilsack - U. S. Secretary of Agriculture

Tom Vilsack – U. S. Secretary of Agriculture

The select group includes:

W. Ron Dehaven, DVM – CEO of the American Veterinary Medical Association which represents 82,500 members in the United States. The AVMA is the accrediting body for the 28 schools of veterinary medicine in the United States. From 1997-2001, Dr. DeHaven served as Deputy Administrator of APHIS, part of the USDA charged with enforcing the Horse Protection Act. In April 2013, the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), along with the American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) endorsed H.R. 1518 ““ Whitfield Amendment to eliminate soring horses. The AVMA VP Asperos said, “Soring is an unconscionable abuse of horses that is used to produce a high-stepping gait””the “Big Lick”””and gain an unfair competitive advantage in the show ring. For decades we’ve watched irresponsible individuals become more creative about finding ways to sore horses and circumvent the inspection process, and have lost faith in an industry that seems unwilling and/or unable to police itself.

W.Ron Dehaven, DVM – CEO of The American Veterinary Medical Association
W. Ron Dehaven, DVM - CEO, The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA)

Donna Benefield – Expert consultant for SHOW HIO at the 2010 Tennessee National Walking Horse Celebration. Benefield co-founded the Horse Protection Commission, Inc., a USDA certified HIO, from 1997-2010. She is a long time sound horse advocate participating in more than 100 meetings at USDA headquarters outside Washington, D.C., and on Capitol Hill with regard to hearings and meetings concerning regulations and enforcement of the Horse Protection Act. Benefield is a licensed DQP, having inspected over 10,000 horses at shows. She owned and trained the 1982 Plantation Pleasure World Grand Champion Celebration. Benefield is a retired Hollywood film business owner which did television film sound work for Disney Studios and on the featured series, “Franklin and Eleanor” and “Cagney and Lacey”.

Donna Benefield – Equine Expert

Donna Benefield - Equine Expert

Donna Benefield – Equine Expert

Teresa Bippen, President, Friends Of Sound Horses, Inc. (FOSH), its mission being to promote all “sound” (not sored), naturally gaited horses, with a specific emphasis on Tennessee Walking Horses. Bippen’s organization focuses on education regarding the humane care , training and treatment of all gaited horses. FOSH will support only flat shod or barefoot horses and opposes the use of stacks and/or chains as action devices. She has served on FOSH’s Board of Directors since 2003. Bippen has headed up marketing and public relations for FOSH, and is Editor of The Sound Horse Advocate. FOSH focuses on educating people on sound training principles, supporting sound shows and events, and working to end soring. Bippen is an attorney with Metropolitan Life in St. Louis, Missouri.

Teresa Bippen – FOSH President
Teresa Bippen - President, Friends of Sound Horses (FOSH)

Gary Lane, owner of Windswept Stables in Brodhead, Kentucky, is a master gaited horse clinician who conducts horse clinics all throughout America. Lane has a background in law enforcement with a career as a Kentucky State Police Detective and homicide investigator. Gary Lane was the investigator on the Gary Oliver case ““
He was a decorated United States Army officer having received the Bronze Star for Valor. Lane authored – “Training the Gaited Horse: From the Trail to the Rail”. He has also produced DVDs ““ “Gaited Horse Dressage” and “Understanding the Gaited Trail Horse”. Lane has designed the innovative, “Lady Lite Saddle”, and holds patent for “The Easy To Gait Freedom Bits” which are sold throughout the United States and are featured by National Bridle Shop and other distinguished saddleries.

Gary Lane, Master Gaited Horse Clinician
Gary Lane - Master Gaited Horse Clinician


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