SHELBYVILLE, TN – In a startling move after having two horses apparently found in violation of the HPA last Thursday night and allegedly having a verbal altercation with a USDA Vet about one of them, Terry Dotson resigned yesterday as PSHA Chairman.

HORSES KISSING UP ON TERRY DOTSON – BUT TERRY ONLY LOVES THEM BACK IF THEY SHOW IN PADS AND CHAINSDoes Terry Dotson love Tennessee Walking Horses enough to accept the change that is coming?

PSHA was the latest effort by the “Big Lickers” to present themselves to the world as being against soring. It’s shocking that its Chairman Terry Dotson resigns during the middle of the Celebration. Reporter Heidi Hall with The Tennessean newspaper did a June 2012 feature article on Terry Dotson and his farm at Kingston, Tennessee complete with pictures.
When asked what Dotson would do if the horses had to give up the pads and chains, Dotson’s reply was essentially he would get out of the Tennessee Walking Horse business.

Dotson had been the poster child of how wonderful everything was in “Big Lick” World. Following the Trainers Show, Dotson met with U. S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack in March assuring him PSHA and SHOW HIO would clean up soring. Dotson was accompanied on his visit to see Secretary Vilsack by “Young Herr” Jeffrey Howard, Celebration/PSHA Minister of Information; WHTA President Mickey McCormick who reportedly has 17 HPA violations; Purple Strategies representative; and coal lobbyist and former Hal Rogers aide Jeff Speaks. The perfunctory meet and greet lasted 15 minutes.

Also, Dotson’s horses trained by Brent Coburn were reportedly ticketed for HPA violations at a recent Tazewell, Virginia show.

BGB breathlessly waits to see how PURPLE STRATEGIES plans to spin this LATEST WHOPPER.

More as developments occur.



  1. If I were Purple Strategies I would bail on that sinking ship. Their morals are questionable at best. So glad all this is aired for the public to see!

  2. Shiloh, bingo, why is why Billy Go Boy, and hopefully the rest of the media is going to be all over it. Would you think Brother Terry won’t be returning reporters calls?

    Twilight, PS is all about “show me the money” Morals?, come now.


    • So tell me now, how do you feel, knowing you are the cause of all this fine fellow deciding he needed to resign “for the good of the Movement”
      After all he has done, my my my!

      Making such things public, how could you?

      Our could it be is is just one embarrassed SOB who got caught!

      Terry Dotson is to a TWH Industry Spokesman as Larry Wheelon is to WHTA Ethics. Both are non existent!

  3. Here he comes!! There he goes!! How is Purple going to spin this one? Stay tuned as the Lickers may be making their Last Stand.

  4. Hehee! Jiminy crickets! The prodigal chickens is coming home to roost I tell yeh! You got to undestand though ladies an gentlemen. See this aint Mr David Howards fault. He didn’t know what Terrys #1 trooper Brent were up to in them Tennessee hills cause he keeps to hisself. Them beach houses and Europena vacations is hard work an requires a lots of Mr Davids time. Terry an Brent was sho nuff respectable folks jes like Mr McConnell & Mr Wheelon before they up an fell off the apple cart and them ol cat ladies and they associates planted all that oil in them barns. Its a conspiracy you see. Ole Govnuh done heard a lots a stories about the trainers bein nervous an such headin into the big stake weekend an between runaway buggy horses them Watts boys aint got broke good tryin to kill folks in center ring an them animal rights activists infiltratin the DQP stand like theys po-lice with ticket quotas a good honest man like Terry an Brent aint got a snowballs chance in the devil’s kitchen to get one through. Shew! I sewanee! I believe I’ll call my good friend Rev. Beech an pontificate the days happenins before this evenings invocation then we goin te sit on the straightaway in the West side box my grandaddy left to mama an watch the best hoss show on earth with Mr Russ Thomasons customers keepin the scenery nice between classes. We might even have us a little toddy in the Blue Ribbon Circle this evening what with all them harlots dressed up like they was squeezed in a sausage casing prancin round in them high heel shoes. Makes for might fine company when aint but jes a few horses in some of them classes. Somebody said the horseshoers was nervous but I aint got a clue as to why.

      • Dear Billy,
        I regret to inform you and them fornicators, cat ladies & others who would seek to destroy my beloved padded Tennessee Walking Horse that this in fact ain’t Tomias of the famous or notorious however you want to look at it walkinhorsechats website. The man is a legend in his own mind and I do respect him as a philosopher an associate of many mutual past undertakings. We see eye to eye is what I’m a saying. In the past 24 hours what aint been spent sleepin Ive heared quite a few rumblins an chirps from different folks on the show grounds which Tomias aint permitted to set foot nor tv camera on lessin he’s in disguise an the padded horses been good in the morning and then when they head down that chute tuh the big ring seems like the wind blows or holy ghost gets in um and they feel a little too good. I cant figure it, but the hot dogs and beer is plentiful thanks to Mr. Imnan. God bless him. these owners is paying for him. but he could have got us some kosher weenies mama dont like hazzer they’s unclean. My horse got second last night so its at least one trainer gets a extra helpin of eggs at the Huddle House this evening. I aint for sure how thatold song goes but its rumored Mickey Mc or Jimmy Mack aint coming back what with the bogus in-specktions an everthing. Jimmy jimyyyyyy aw jimmy Mack. Now theres a ticket stack

        Got to go Im meetin a sweet lady for some of them fried biscuits in Bell Buckle.

        • I agree, you are not Tomias.

          You and Nephew Eugene should hang out – I bet you would like each other. Jimmy mac has had a Celebration like none other. Micky mac definitely won’t be going back to Washington with Terry D.

          When do you think Terry D.’s dispersal will take place?


          • Shrugs. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

            Even if it’s a POOR imitation. 😉

            Rock on, BGB. Wish we had had you on Fugly.

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  6. Start packing Dotson..the sooner the better and take all those lickers with you. Leave us the horses. We’ll actually take care of them.

  7. Ok I have kept quiet over this subject on here because I wanted to hear (read) what everyone had to say – from both sides . I grew up seeing the UGLY side of the TWH training methods, would LOVE nothing better than to take every trainer, every owner, every rider, every stable hand , (and yes .. every spectator ) that has ever had something to do with soring a horse, the “training” of tails and the other common abuse the “performance” TWH goes through .. take some of the different substances used on the horses legs .. look them dead in the eyes and tell them .. well if it isnt really hurting the horse .. then let’s put it on you, let’s wrap your legs so it sets in good , then I want you to put little “Bracelets” on and go for a 2 to 3 mile jog , while blindfolded and with wedge heels on .. oh and yeah your going to have to carry at least 1/4 to almost 1/2 of your body weight on your back while doing this also. Let’s see how may of these good, fine, upstanding horsemen and women that preach how they aren’t really hurting the horses steps up ??? I also find it very ironic that Carl Edwards and sons stable has a banner of a father and 2 sons crown world champions with a picture of a very natural looking TWH , on loose rein and no “stacks” crowned champion next to two pictures of horses that are very UN-natural – smh- yes .. what a difference 61 yrs makes. The supporters of “lickers” say you can’t get the high step without action devices. REALLY??? Because I could swear I have seen in person and on many videos DRESSAGE horses performing an almost identical step .. without heavy shoes, “bracelets” and soring. The drop in attendance?? It isn’t because of the restrictions .. it’s because those of us who are DONE with the abuse refuse to attend if there are going to be “lickers” and those that support them. As for ppl like Terry Dotson… who has said he will get out of the TWH business if the “lickers” are gone, because it’s taking a “performance horse” and turning it into a trail horse … sir .. what do you think the TWH was originally bred for??? For long rides with a comfortable gait, to pull a buggy or take the grand kids to the swimming hole , for rounding up other livestock without leaving your bum feeling like 6 miles of bad road … that is a TRUE performance horse.. not some stacked up, sore, foaming at the mouth, jittery, winded horse. Please do leave the business if that is how you feel, because while you are bragging about the millions of dollars you spend, the ppl you employ and etc … let me ask you this .. how many of your not up to snuff “performance horses” that you breed year after year end up on a slaughter truck after being abused over and over by other trainers/owners to get that “lick” ??? So again .. please do leave and don’t let the door hit you in your bum on your way out … the THW was a proud breed before you ever came to this earth and they will be long after you leave it.

  8. WHEEE the chips are falling this is starting to turn into a real celebration!

  9. Seems the mood is much different on the Walking Horse chat, seems to be a poor Terry syndrome similar to the poor Larry syndrome, poor Wheelon Horse syndrome, and poor McConnell horses syndrome. Admire the licker spirit, whether guilty as hell or not, it don’t matter, we are brothers and sisters in pads and chains and will march to washington to have our voice heard. What a crock of stew!

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