Lewisburg, TN – Sep 27, 2013 –  Pat Stout – VP – Horse Shows faced a hostile group of onlookers, mostly Performance Committee members, who attended a TWHBEA Executive Committee Meeting,  to vent and express displeasure with the idea of Pat Stout polling the TWHBEA membership for a “Yes” or “No” vote on the passage of S. 1518/S. 1406 legislation presently before Congress.

In the face of unruliness and harsh criticism, Pat Stout comported herself with typical class and poise.

PAT STOUT - Blue Ribbon 'Winner

PAT STOUT – Blue Ribbon ‘Winner

Stout told Tennessean Reporter Heidi Hall:

“I just felt that it was the most important issue that we’ve ever faced with TWHBEA. I felt our membership should have a chance to express themselves on this issue, and I didn’t see that it was going to happen within our executive committee,” she said.      “I’ve talked to a lot of others “” their directors were not voting the way the membership in their state wanted them to vote. We have never reached out to our membership and actually let them vote on something like this.”

The TWHBEA Executive Committee ended up approving two Motions:

1. Sr. VP Rob Cornelius, second by Mike Hicks, “to turn the matter of Pat Stout’s conduct and actions over to the Enforcement Committee and that the Committee would make a recommendation/s to the Executive Committee within 60 days”. President Loyd Black, a Magistrate Judge In Georgia, supported the Motion which passed.

2. Pat Stout requested that her Statement which explained her Polling Initiative be published on the TWHBEA Facebook. Black had stonewalled Stout’s request first made on September 23, 2013 which led to a firestorm of confusion with much hostility over people not knowing the details of Stout’s polling the TWHBEA membership. Black released a Statement the day before the EC Meeting telling members that Stout’s initiative was not a TWHBEA poll, and told people they could “certainly throw it away if you want”. The TWHBEA EC approved Stout’s Statement finally being put up on late Friday, September 27, 2013 on the TWHBEA FB Page.   Presently Pat Stout is whipping Buster Black on TWHBEA Facebook by 60% – 40% on “LIKES”.  99 for Stout and 68 for Black.

Following the September 27, 2013, EC Meeting, Stout’s attorney Clant M. Seay

Clant M. Seay,  Attorney for Pat Stout

Clant M. Seay, Attorney for Pat Stout

wrote to TWHBEA President Loyd “Buster” Black and Enforcement Committee Chair Denise Bader Keyser on October 2, 2013,   as reported  by The Walking Horse Report, and said,”I  object  to and protest the Motion made by Rob Cornelius, and seconded by Mike Hicks, and  approved by the Executive Committee on September 27, 2013, “to turn the matter of my client’s conduct and actions over to the Enforcement Committee and that the Committee would make a recommendation/s to the Executive Committee within 60 days” as being  improper and fatally flawed.  

Seay said to do so would  violate his client’s right to  due process  under the  Rule 20 – Discipline  of TWHBEA and  “Actions”  of TWHBEA which specifically provided:  

20.03    A  complaint may be filed by any member of the Association with the Executive Secretary  as follows:
A.   In writing.
B. Contain a reasonably clear description of the offense and cite the Rule(s) allegedly violated.
C. Be signed by the complainant
D. State the full name and address of the respondent.
E.  Be accompanied by an administrative filing fee of $250.

Seay said none of the requirements were met.

He said that the mission of the Enforcement Committee was: To enforce the Bylaws and rules of the Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders’ and Exhibitors’ Association and to recommend appropriate discipline for violators. Seay said for the EC Committee to assign the matter to the Enforcement Committee without following proper procedures appeared to be a witch hunt.

Stout’s attorney mentioned a “lynch mob” mentality was present in the open session of the Friday, September 27, 2013 Executive Committee Meeting. He said there was heated rhetoric with words like “falsify” “misrepresent” “fraud” “fraudulent” and “illegal” being irresponsibly and maliciously thrown around with regard to his client.

Seay’s said the toxic atmosphere resulted largely due to President Loyd Black refusing to allow Pat Stout’s Statement explaining the Polling Initiative to be published on the TWHBEA Website and TWHBEA Facebook page despited Stout’s repeated requests  starting on September 23, 2013.
From: Pat Stout <> To: tboyd <>; execcomm <>
Sent: Tue, Sep 24, 2013 5:26 pm
Subject: HR 1518/S.1406 – POLL INITIATIVE

Tracy, I want to be absolutely sure that everyone understands that the Poll initiative, in which I polled the TWHBEA members on the important question of the HR 1518/S.1406 legislation pending before Congress, is being done at no expense to TWHBEA. As the VP on the Executive Committee representing Horse Shows, I believe this legislation is the most important issue that has ever come before TWHBEA. Having input from the TWHBEA membership on such an important matter will be invaluable to us going forward. I hope everyone joins me in looking forward to what our members have to say. Please post this Press Release on the TWHBEA Facebook Page so everyone can see it. Thanks.
Pat Stout

VP – Horse Shows –
Mr. Black, the urgency in my request on behalf of my client is there are lots of incorrect statements and fallacious assertions and accusations being made on the social media that are injurious to my client. This is a TWHBEA matter and Pat deserves the opportunity to give her position on the TWHBEA website. I called your number – 404- – – at 10:00 a.m. CDST to speak to you, and your voice mailbox was full and I could not leave a message. I ask you to call me asap – – so we can please discuss my client’s request, and I can obtain your decision in the matter. If I do not hear from you by 12:30 noon CDST today, you will give me no choice than to proceed to having Pat’s position disseminated to the news media and explaining that she was not given the opportunity by you to put her statement and explanation on the TWHBEA Facebook page and website. I hope you will call and we can have a productive conversation.
Thank you, and respectfully,
Clant M. Seay
copy: Pat Stout

On October 2, 2013, Seay apparently got wind of a “hurry up” meeting of the Enforcement Committee chaired by Denise Bader Keyser to be held that night.  He wrote another email to President Black and Enforcement Committee Chair Denise Bader Keyser saying:

Mr. Black, you are a licensed attorney and a sworn Magistrate Judge. You fully understand that the my client must receive due process in this matter and that Rule 20 – Discipline must be carefully and fastidiously followed in order to afford my client a fair hearing. The referenced action approved by the Executive Committee denies my client her rights to due process, is patently unfair and cannot stand.

Mr. Black, I respectfully request you to please immediately advise and instruct the Enforcement Committee Chairperson Denise Bader Keyser to cease and desist from going forward with any investigation by the Enforcement Committee of my client’s conduct and actions until if and when the proper procedures set out in this letter are followed and met.

Ms. Bader-Keyser, I respectfully request you to immediately cancel any proposed meetings of the Enforcement Committee and that you immediately consult with Mr. Black and seek legal counsel and advice regarding to my objections made on behalf of my client in this communication which allege that the Enforcement Committee’s actions would deprive my client to her rights of due process, and if there have been any meetings of the Enforcement Committee since the adjournment of the Executive Committee meeting on September 27, 2013, I request that you cease and desist going forward with anything discussed or decided at them.

The Walking Horse Report reported  that Ms. Bader Keyser “canceled the meeting due to personal circumstances”.

Seay said, “Pat Stout did absolutely nothing wrong.   All she did was ask the members of TWHBEA to vote “Yes” or “No” on the passage of HR 1518.  She didn’t tell them how to vote, and she didn’t spend one dime of TWHBEA money in providing the TWHBEA members with the opportunity to express themselves”.

Stout’s attorney rhetorically asked,
* “Why are so many people so afraid of allowing the TWHBEA members to vote on this issue?
* Why are so many people so desperately trying to stop the TWHBEA members from voting?
Seay said, “People should thank Pat Stout for what she did.”


At the September 27, 2013, Executive Committee meeting Pat Stout offered to share the results of her Polling Initiative on HR 1518/S.1406 to TWHBEA. She said, “Yes,  TWHBEA will get the results.   Stout mentioned that under her Contract that Cook and Company of Arab, Alabama would be releasing the tabulated results.   “Everybody wants TWHBEA to get the results and to get them non-skewed.   We want TWHBEA to get the results and use them properly.   We want that.   We don’t want TWHBEA to get the results and use them incorrectly.   We don’t want TWHBEA to get the results and hide them,” she said.

More on this developing story as it unfolds.