Pat Stout’s idea to let the TWHBEA members vote has been validated by the outstanding response so far with 7 days to go in her Polling Initiative on HR 1518/S.1406, PAST Act,  Whitfield Amendment.


PAT STOUT - Blue Ribbon 'Winner

PAT STOUT – Blue Ribbon ‘Winner


October 8, 2013

Cookeville, TN – Pat Stout, Vice President, Horse Shows Division of the Tennessee Walking Horse breed registry known as TWHBEA, announced that CPA Greg Cook of Arab, Alabama confirmed Monday that approximately 20% of the eligible TWHBEA members have voted in Stout’s Polling Initiative on the HR 1518/S.1406, Prevent All Soring Tactics Act presently before Congress.

Stout said the 20% member response was “gratifying” and “validated the need for my polling initiative”. She said the turnout appears to be approaching the number of TWHBEA members who participate in annual directors elections, and she was “very pleased with it”.

She said that CPA Cook made the 20% estimate based on postage charges to his firm’s U. S. Postal Service First Class Mail Reply Permit, which tracks the number of Poll post card mailers received by Cook & Co.

Stout’s Polling Initative post card gave TWHBEA members the opportunity to vote “YES” or “NO” on the question:

“I am FOR passage of HR 1518/S. 1406 ““ “Prevent All Soring Tactics” Act to remove the pads and chains in order to end the public perception of soring and abuse presently associated with the Tennessee Walking Horse Breed, to eliminate HIOs and to increase penalties for soring”.

Stout said, “I urge all members to vote their convictions on this matter”, and “this Poll hasn’t cost TWHBEA a dime”.

In order for all TWHBEA members to be able to vote, Stout requested today for TWHBEA to provide her with a list of the names and contact information for persons who have become TWHBEA members since Stout obtained the membership list on September 10, 2013. She said all TWHBEA members should have the opportunity participate in her Polling Initative, and that it is TWHBEA policy for any person who joins the Association can request a Ballot to vote for the Directors, and she wanted to extend the same opporunity to the new members to vote in the polling initiative. Stout said she hoped TWHBEA would “promptly cooperate in providing the requested new members information” so dues paying members could vote in the poll.

She said that 6,945 cards were mailed from her home in Cookeville, Tennessee to the eligible TWHBEA members on September 20, 2013. Stout said the post cards were sent out with the help of a third party mailing company did not cost TWHBEA any money. “I certainly couldn’t lick 7,000 stamps to put on post cards so I got some professional people to help me”, she said. The cards started arriving in members homes on Monday, September 23, 2013.

After denying Stout’s access to the TWHBEA website or Facebook page to explain the Poll, President Loyd “Buster” Black, a Magistrate Judge in Georgia



issued a Statement on September 26, 2013 saying the Polling Initiative did not belong to TWHBEA. Black’s statement in part said, “This mailer was not sent out by TWHBEA or paid for by TWHBEA. In fact, TWHBEA makes no request or requirement that you answer this mailer or do anything whatsoever with the mailer, and you can certainly throw it away if you want.”

Stout said, “I felt strongly about this issue, and I personally paid for the deposit required by the Cook and Company CPA firm in Arab, Alabama to count the votes. The ballots must be received by the certified public accounting firm of Cook and Company of Arab, Alabama on or before Tuesday, October 15, 2013. “Cook and Company CPA firm will tabulate the “Poll on HR 1518/S. 1406″ and certify the results, said Stout.”

On Friday, September 27, 2013, Stout appeared before the TWHBEA Executive Committee to answer questions regarding her Polling Initiative. Following the all day session, the TWHBEA Executive Committee approved placing Stout’s September 23, 2013, Statement explaining her Polling Initiative on the TWHBEA Facebook page. The TWHBEA Executive Committee also approved a questionable Motion which referred Pat Stout’s conduct and actions to the Enforcement Committee and that the Committee would make a recommendation/s to the Executive Committee within 60 days”. President Loyd Black supported the Motion.

Following the TWHBEA Executive Committee Meeting, Stout’s attorney Clant M. Seay sent an email on October 2, 2013 to TWHBA President Loyd “Buster” Black and Enforcement Committee Chair Denise Bader Keyser and said, “I object to and protest the Executive Committee Motion “to turn the matter of my client’s conduct and actions over to the Enforcement Committee and that the Committee would make a recommendation/s to the Executive Committee within 60 days”.

Seay said the Motion was “improper and fatally flawed on the grounds that to do so would violate Pat Stout’s right to due process under the TWHBEA’s Rule 20 ““ Discipline. Seay said the Rule requires that Complaints be in writing, be specific in their charges and be accompanied by a $250.00 filing fee ““ none of which was done.

Seay said Pat Stout “did nothing wrong”, and he criticized a “Lynch Mob” mentality among some people attending the meeting, and also “glaring conflicts of interest and prejudices by Executive Committee members and Enforcement Committee members Christy Lantis, Mike Hicks and Denise Bader Keyser who serve on both the Executive and Enforcement Committees. Seay said they should not be allowed to sit in judgement on Pat Stout if an actual Complaint was filed against her”.