BRENTWOOD, TN –  Stephen B. Smith, known as Steve Smith, in the Walking Horse World and Stephen B. Smith in the Republican smoke filled back room deals and money raising circles,  was apparently questioned this week by Heidi Hall, reporter for The Tennessean newspaper about getting an HPA violation ticket in 1987 and then recently answering “No” to a question on a Tennessee Walking Horse breed officer election qualifying form inquiring about past HPA violations from either USDA or HIOs.


Steve Smith is Alexander’s Campaign Chairman and raising $3 million for Alexander’s 2014 re-election campaign. Hall also asked Smith who is running for TWHBEA President about U. S. Senator Lamar Alexander’s position on the HR 1518/S 1406 legislation.

Here is what Hall wrote:   “Smith said he may have gotten that ticket “” it has been 26 years, and he doesn’t remember “” but he was never charged with any Horse Protection Act violations. He dismissed the idea that Alexander is caving to his wishes.  I don’t know why Lamar doesn’t support it, but if you listen to the hearing that was had on the Whitfield bill, it would wreck the industry as we have it today,” Smith said. “We’re 98.5 percent in full compliance at our largest show, where every horse is checked by the federal government, so (lawmakers) probably need to worry about something else more than that.”  Hall reported that  Alexander’s spokesman issued a statement Wednesday that sidestepped the issue of Smith and said the senator is reviewing the committee testimony.

If Smith said “every horse was checked by the USDA at the Celebration”,  then  Smith  is grossly incorrect because the statement is  simply  not true.  The USDA spot checks behind the Celebration’s SHOW HIO inspectors, but does not inspect every horse.   On Friday, August 30, 2013,  the SHOW HIO inspectors checked 138 horses and found -0- HPA violations.  On that night, the USDA spot checked and on the horses it actually inspected,  which was  far fewer than 138,  it found 10 HPA violations.

On the first Saturday night of Celebration stake competition,  so many of the Stake horses were knocked out as “sore”, that there were more ribbons than there were horses. One of the horses found sore was  The “Saviour” Horse – Honors. Honors was found  sore as a Two Year Old and then again as an Aged Stallion.   PSHA Chair Terry Dotson also had two horses found sore at the 2013 Celebration, and got mad and quit and went home to eat cheetos in his camper in Kingston, Tennessee.

Smith’s claim of 98.4% Compliance is Purple Hooey.

What Smith refers to as an “industry” is a “racket” which is based on the institutionalized practice of soring.

Former Celebration consultant Donna Benefield says it is “corrupt”.

The bottom line is you can’t have the Big Lick without soring, and Steve Smith represents the “Big Lick”, and he is being championed by the Big Lick crowd.

What U. S. Senator Lamar Alexander must decide, and he needs to decide it soon:
Is Senator Lamar Alexander going to compromise his principles and integrity and get in bed with and be the tool of the Big Lick sore horse interests represented by the $3 million man Steve Smith?

Or is Lamar Alexander going to be that “profile in courage” who will provide the leadership to set the Tennessee Walking Horse breed on an elevated course, and tell his $3 million man Steve Smith,  “No”?

Joy Kimbrough | The Daily Times

Joy Kimbrough | The Daily Times

The whole State of Tennessee, and indeed, the nation is looking to Senator Alexander to see what he is going to do on this.

For the record,  Billy Go Boy exposed that 98.4% Purple Baloney back on September 2, 2013.

“The Celebration LIED by  leaving out the 70 HPA violations  found by the USDA Vets, and claiming  98.4%  compliance with the HPA.

“According to the USDA, there were  100 HPA violations  at the 2013 Celebration,  70 VMO  and  30 SHOW HIO, and if you “conservatively” estimate the number of sore horses due to the  672 “scratches”  – where the Trainers apparently refused to present horses for inspection for two reasons:
1. They would be found sore in violation of HPA.
2. The Trainers/Owners would face the bite of the federal Mandatory “Minimum Penalties.

You can rest assured that most likely at least  2 of every 10 horses  were sore.

The Celebration through Purple Strategies is shamelessly and unabashedly telling bodacious lies  by omitting the truth  in a blatant attempt to mislead the public, and also the Congressmen and Senators who will decide on HR 1518.

Billy Go Boy will  never let them get away with this.”

It is interesting to note that the son of Stephen B. Smith is Stephen  Smith who works for Purple Strategies in Nashville, Tennessee.