GREG COOK, CPA SETS THE RECORD STRAIGHT ON HR 1518 POLL VOTE COUNT – “We received NO letters or copies of postcards from ANY non-members” –

ARAB, AL –  Greg Cook, CPA, who has counted the ballots for TWHBEA director

Gregory J. Cook, CPA

Gregory J. Cook, CPA

and officer elections for the past 10 years, and who was retained by Pat Stout to count the HR 1518 Poll ballots,  issued a Statement today putting to rest the “off the cuff”  comments made by New England TWHBEA Director Julie Dillon at last Friday’s TWHBEA Membership meeting.   Dillon said that some of her constituents learned of the Poll and their friends made copies of the postcards and sent them in.

Greg Cook, CPA said “We received NO letters or copies of postcards from ANY non-members.    We received 4 letters with a copy of a postcard from verified members who were eligible to vote (2 from AZ, 1 from TN and OR).”


Here is a copy of Greg Cook’s Dec. 9, 2013 letter provided to the attorney representing Pat Stout, who with Mr. Cook’s authorization and approval, has provided it to be published:


Pat Stout’s attorney Clant M. Seay laid the blame squarely at the feet of

Clant M. Seay,  Attorney for Pat Stout

Clant M. Seay, Attorney for Pat Stout

resigned TWHBEA President Lloyd Black.   Seay said “Buster Black, and nobody else, is  to blame for the TWHBEA members not knowing what the HR 1518 Polling Initiative was all about. Pat Stout was given no opportunity to explain it.”  He added,  “The proper way to handle the questions about the Poll would have been for  TWHBEA to have authorized an internal review to be conducted by objective non-biased persons, and we would have been glad to sit down and share information with them rather than deal with a ‘lynch mob – string her up’ mentality’ for the last two months. That still may be an option if persons would like some basic questions answered and as one lady said at the TWHBEA meeting not to have ‘things shrouded in secrecy’.”

Seay said that “the landslide Poll results are permanent, and they are daily influencing Congressmen and Senators in their decision making process on the HR 1518/S1406 legislation.”

He further challenged the new leadership at TWHBEA to conduct a “YES” or “NO”  Poll, and predicted that the results would be more than 63% in favor of removing the pads and chains. “The reason they never conducted a real Poll like Pat Stout did was they were afraid to know the results.  The TWHBEA members have spoken, and a bell once rung, cannot be unrung.”

The HR 1518/S.1406 Poll posed a YES or NO poll question to the 6,945 eligible to vote members of TWHBEA:


The HR 1518/S 1406 Poll Results were the voice of, “WE, THE PEOPLE” which cannot be drowned out by a minority sore Big Lick group that is trying to doom the future of the Tennessee Walking Breed by refusing to face reality that America is going to force a change.