SHELBYVILLE, TN – According to a USDA study commissioned in 2012,  the largest cost of owning a Tennessee Walking Show Horse is surprisingly ADVERTISING.

The study says 44%   of the total cost goes to ADVERTISING.

Most of the advertised Tennessee Walking  Show Horses are sore Big Lick.

So the volume of ads in Celebration Chairman David L. Howard’s The Walking Horse Report is a direct reflection of the economic health of the sore Big Lick Racket.

Here is Page Count of recent Walking Horse Report editions:

# Pages                Published                          Preceding Horse Show
24                        MARCH 31
32    APRIL 14     APR. 5                            MOREHEAD KY Horse Show
88    APRIL 21     APR. 11/12                     FAYETTEVILLE/CANCER/CAJUN CLASSIC
40   APRIL 28     APR. 19                           KICKOFF CLASSIC
56     May 5          APR. 24-26                     PANAMA CITY WHTA BOYZ SHOW

The breakdown on the May 5, 2014 (PANAMA CITY) Report:

15  Full Color Ads
 3  2 Color Ads
17 Black & White Ads
35  Total Ads

That’s not much pumpkin for a 3 day 60 class Horse Show which apparently was the last edition of the Trainer BOYZ Family Vacation Show in Panama City, Florida.

Of the 35  Ads, it appears that 28  ads (80%) were Big Lick, and 7  (20%) were Non Big Lick.

102 Big Lick Horses produced 28  Ads. 27% Some ads featured more than one horse

57 Flat Shod Horses produced 7 Ads. 12%

There was a Horse Show for a worthy cause in Shelbyville on Saturday,  May 2, 2014.

51 Horses – 29 Classes
31 Big Lick Horses – 21 Classes – Less than 2 Horses a class
20 Non Big Lick Horses – 8 Classes – More than 2 Horses a class

Meanwhile WHOA has blown by the Celebration’s sore Big Lick emphasis.


WHOA-HIO Issues First Quarter Report

Murfreesboro, TN – The WHOA-HIO released 2014 first quarter inspection numbers showing a healthy winter show season. One show was held in February with 126 entries inspected and no violations.

Five events were held in March with 1299 entries inspected. There were no violations at any of the shows.

As of this date, WHOA-HIO has 50 events affiliated through the year, with many events yet to be scheduled.

Unlike the Celebration Chairman David L. Howard Celebration’s  S.H.O.W. HIO which FOUGHT the Federal Regulation by suing the USDA over the mandated “minimum penalties”,  WHOA calmly accepted the Mimimum Penalties.

When it did so, a number of sore Big Lickers resigned from its Board of Directors.

Since that time, WHOA has been progressing toward being “SOUND”.  

Not “Complaint” – Rather Sound.

It has resulted in things like the  COOP providing the back numbers for all the WHOA shows.   The COOP is not afraid to be affiliated with WHOA Horse Shows unlike the sore Big Lick venues such as the Celebration’s S.H.O.W. HIO is known.

As reported by in February 2014, WHOA announced more  progressive measures:

“Blazing the trail toward a Sound Tennessee Walking Horse, WHOA announced today changes approved overwhelmingly by its Board of Directors to improve the image and marketability of the Tennessee Walking Horse.

For immediate release:
February 8, 2014


Murfreesboro, TN ““ Born out of commitment to the interests of the Tennessee Walking Horse, it’s owners, and the walking horse industry, the Walking Horse Owners’ Association (WHOA) continues to work towards bettering the image of the Tennessee Walking Horse. An improved image will result in favorable interest in our horses among the general public. This in turn will expand the market for Tennessee Walking Horses and increase pride of ownership.
To that end, the WHOA Board of Directors has approved the following Pleasure Division rule changes to go into effect immediately:

1. Toe length for all horses competing at WHOA shows and events will be limited to 5 inches.
2. Only clear hoof polish will be allowed at WHOA shows and events.
3. Tungsten shoes will be prohibited on the show grounds during WHOA shows and events.
4. Hoof bands will be prohibited on the show grounds during WHOA shows and events.

Each of these rule changes was proposed and approved based on the belief that presenting our horses in this manner will make the general public more aware of the soundness of the Tennessee Walking Horse, thus improving its image and marketability.

Items #s1,3 and 4 will enhance the natural gait of the Tennessee Walking Horse. The tungsten shoes can weigh 4 ““ 5 lb each and cost approximately $2,500.00 for a pair. A pair of regular shoes costs $21.00 a pair and weight approximately 2.5 lb each.

Hoof bands can be used to heighten sensitivity. Eliminating them entirely and removing the heavy tungsten shoes are Sound measures.

The use of clear hoof polish ensures that nothing can be hidden by use of opaque polishes.

Last week, WHOA announced the noted Gaited Horse Clinician Gary Lane would put on a Clinic on July 27, 2014, at its Annual International Pleasure and Colt Show at Miller Coliseum in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.


Gary Lane to Conduct Clinic During International

Murfreesboro, TN – Noted gaited horse trainer and clinician, Gary Lane, will host a clinic on July 27, 2014 during the Pleasure & Colt International Grand Championships, in Murfreesboro, Tenn. The clinic, open to ten individuals and their horses (on a first come, first serve sign up), will benefit the Walking Horse Owners Association (WHOA). The fee is $150 per applicant and a $40 fee for those individuals who want to attend and audit the clinic.

The clinic will consist of a discussion and teaching of the biomechanics of the gaited horse, understanding Gait scale and recognition, bitting for the Trail or Rail and personal individual gait modification and training with the ten participants and their horses.

“I’m very proud of the things that WHOA is doing for the Tennessee Walking Horse and I wanted to have this clinic to show my support. All the proceeds go to the Walking Horse Owners Association to help with their programs,” said Gary Lane.

“We are extremely proud to have Gary conducting one of his famous clinics at the International this year. We are humbled that he wants to support WHOA and we look forward to working together on many projects in the future,” said WHOA president, Dee Dee Miller.

For more information and applications contact WHOA at 615-494-8822 or print the application from

About WHOA
The Walking Horse Owners Association (WHOA), headquartered in Murfreesboro, TN., was founded in 1976 to represent the interests in all matters pertaining to the sound Tennessee Walking Horse. WHOA’s goals are to advocate for fair and equal treatment of all members and to promote and protect the welfare of the breed.
WHOA develops and supports programs that increase the value of Tennessee Walking Horses and enhances members’ experiences with their horses.

About Gary Lane
Gary Lane, born in Columbia, KY, attended the University of Kentucky and Eastern Kentucky University where he majored in law enforcement. Gary graduated from the Kentucky State Police Academy in 1984 and retired as a senior KY State Police Detective in 2008. Gary’s history includes service in the United States Active Army Military Police Corps from 1975 to 1982. His personal history with horses and his professional work with training Cavalry Officers have given him unique skills as a clinician. He has worked with many gaited horses over the years, and is dedicated to enhancing the knowledge of novice and professional gaited horse riders, developing a free going horse, and obtaining a smooth easy gait. His ability to break the training down into simple steps is an asset to his teaching style. This creates a positive learning experience for the horse and rider. Since the release of his best-selling gaited horse book, “Training the Gaited Horse, From the Trail to the Rail”, and his 3 training DVDs, he has helped thousands of people find the magic in their gaited horse.


Gary Lane is 100% Sound, and his books and videos are International Best Sellers.

Gary Lane is no friend of the sore Big Lick, and he makes no bones about it.

Lane was instrumental in setting a meeting of Sound Horse Advocates with U. S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack last July.  #PASSTHEPASTACT

It is interesting to see the Celebration’s Chairman David L. Howard, The Walking Horse Report Publisher,  start hedging his bets, if ever so slightly.

And Big Lick Trainers start looking for another way to make a living training Tennessee Walking Horses than the way it has been done for the last 45 years.

Now if only U. S. Senator Lamar #OUTOFTOUCHALEXANDER wasn’t so out of touch,  and not listening to his sore Big Lick Campaign Finance Chairman Steve Smith.

Radar is WHOA friendly.