SHELBYVILLE, TN –  Responding to a Press Statement released by Nashville Public Relations firm DVL on Friday, August 29, 2014, on behalf of the Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration and its “so-called” independent “VAC” Veterinary Advisory Council,   AAWHA Media Representative Clant M. Seay contacted Dr. Dallas O. Goble Friday afternoon to get to the bottom on things.

On Tuesday,  August 26, 2014,  Dr. Dallas O. Goble told Clant M. Seay:

  • I am not a member of “VAC”.  I wouldn’t touch that with a ten foot pole.
  • The only thing my name is on is my driver’s license.
  • I never signed any Contract with the Celebration
  • I never received any payment or retainer with the Celebration.
  • The last time I set foot on the Celebration grounds was 20 ““ 25 years ago.
  • The last time I worked with the Clydesdale herd was three years ago.
  • I am leaving to go do missionary work in Guatemala.

As a result of Dr. Goble’s candor,  the credibility of Celebration Chairman David L. Howard, “VAC” Spokesperson Tom Blankenship and “VAC” Chairman Dr. Jerry Johnson was severely impaired because they were claiming Dr. Goble was part of the “VAC” and trading on Dr. Goble’s  reputation of taking care of the Clydesdale horses.

According to what Dr. Goble told Citizens  Representative Clant M. Seay on Friday, “VAC” Spokesperson Tom Blankenship apparently “manufactured a “VAC” meeting by having “VAC” members drive to Knoxville, Tennessee to get Dr. Gobles to sign a false self-serving letter on the guise of saying Dr. Goble was not part of “VAC”.    Here is Dr. Goble’s version    “I  got a call yesterday from, oh, I don’t know his name but he’s one of the people on that committee, the director (“VAC” Spokesperson Tom Blankenship)of it or whatever, and  he said we’d like for you to sign a paper that says that you are not a member of that committee.”

Dr. Goble said,  “I met with those three people this morning (Friday, Aug. 29) or two people, they drove over to Knoxville to see me, and I signed a thing that said I was no longer a member or anything associated with their committee.”

AAWHA Media Represenative Clant M. Seay recorded the conversation with Dr. Goble.







(Note:  CMS  is  Clant M Seay;  DG  is  Dr. Dallas Goble)

Dr. Goble was reached at his home in Strawberry Plains, Tennessee by Clant  M.  Seay at approximately 3: 20 PM CDST,    on Friday,    August 29, 2014


Ringing and pick up


DG: Hello.


CMS: Dr. Goble


DG: Yes’ suh


CMS: This is Clant. How are you?



DG: How am I?


CMS: Yes, Sir.


DG: Just chuggin along


CMS: Dr. Goble, a lot has happened since you and I first started talking about all of this stuff


Long Pause


You think”¦I thought you were going to Guatemala


DG: I thought I was too but that got cancelled.


CMS: I hope I haven’t messed everything up for you.


DG: Well, I don’t know that anybody messed anything up but I planned on doing what I was doing and it got cancelled and so its just one thing after another.


CMS: Yes suh.    Well, Dr. Goble you never met me and I’ve never met you but I know you’re a straight -up fella and I certainly didn’t want to say anything that shouldn’t have been said, right.    I think you talked to Dr. Blackwell about the thing      you weren’t part of what they doing down there, at the VAC. So, I hope I haven’t, didn’t say anything, I thought you told me that you weren’t part of the VAC.      Long Pause


DG: What? Part of the What?


CMS: That veterinary advisory committee down in Shelbyville at The Celebration.


DG:  Oh, I was originally, back in July and (pause) we discussed, I and Jerry Johnson, discussed, what we were going to do”¦ it didn’t have anything to do with The Celebration, it simply was      the fact that there was going to be a lot of horses there and we could do the project that we wanted to consider.


CMS: Yes.    Suh. When I asked you did they paid you anything. You told me that they didn’t.


DG: Did what?


CMS:  I asked you if they were paying you anything or if you signed a contract and you said they did not.  


DG:  No, I didn’t, I don’t get any pay and, ah, I haven’t signed a contract with them, just word of mouth.


CMS:  Yeah, that’s exactly what you told me and you also said that well you hadn’t been down there in about 20-25 years either.


DG:  No, I haven’t it’s been a long, long time.


CMS: Yeah, well, I just hate your name got in all this stuff and I started it off.    But I was just trying to figure out, I know I, what we talked about, and I didn’t want to have anything wrong in what I was reporting upon.


DG:  Well, You know I, I, don’t, I don’t really understand what’s going on. The, the original committee, you know, was going to look at just some things        independent of any inspection service or anything      because they had a large number of horses available in one spot, you know, and so they were going to do some evaluation of those horses. It didn’t have anything to do with The Celebration really other than the fact that it was going on at that time.


CMS:  Yes, suh.  Did they, y’all all have any protocols or anything that you all agreed to or did you all just talk about maybe doing some protocols?


DG:  No, We had some for radiographs and ultrasounds and that type of thing as far as what Jerry and I talked about, I never saw anything in writing.    But him and I just discussed it on the phone.


CMS:  Did you ever meet with any of those folks down there?    Did you ever go down there for anything?


DG:  No


CMS: Okay. Well, I reckon”¦ when are you going to be able to go to Guatemala?


DG: Well, we were going to go down there and do missionary work. The last time down there we built a house for a man and wife and three kids. The house was a 12×12 structure of plywood had a front door and a window in it and a roof on it and that was a significant move up from living in a cardboard (unintelligible) hooked onto sticks and an awning type of thing        over the top for rain protection.    


CMS:  Yes, Suh. Just let me ask you something please.    This Mr. Blankenship did you ever talk to him at all or just Dr. Johnson?


DG: With who?


CMS: Mr. Tom Blankenship with The Celebration. He’s the spokesperson for this VAC deal.


DG:  No, I never talked to him “¦ I talked to Jerry


CMS: Yes, suh


DG:  and with all the foo-foo (sic) that’s going on,  I met with those three people this morning or two people, they drove over to Knoxville to see me, and I signed a thing that said I was no longer a member or anything associated with their committee.


CMS: Did you read close what was on that paper?


DG: Yes Sir


CMS: OK. Well it made it sound like you were sort of in it from the beginning and it looks like to me like that all there was, was  just  a brief conversation that you and Dr. Johnson had about you maybe being on it and you thought about it and said you weren’t going to do it.    


DG: Yeah, that’s essentially what it was.  I talked to Jerry Johnson originally and that was the only person I have ever spoke to. There was no, nothing you know written we discussed evaluations and this type of thing but we really weren’t doing anything you know.  


CMS:  Did you have any conversations with him other than the one?


DG: Did I what?


CMS:  Did you have any other conversations with him past the first time when he called you and wanted to know you if you were interested in maybe doing it?


DG:  No, I told him when I called him back, I don’t know it’s been two or three weeks ago now, due to other factors that came up,  I told him that I was not going to be participating in any of the program and so he said OK.


CMS: Well, I just appreciate you taking the time to go through it with me.    Like I say we started off with this thing and  I know you told me that your name wasn’t on anything but your driver’s license.    


DG:    Yeah, yeah


CMS:  So, we’ll just see what happens.  Now, Mr. Barton with that newspaper he called you two or three times on this deal, right?


DG: Oh,  he called me at least three or maybe four,  he, he is a jerk.


CMS:    Yes, sir (laughing) well you know sometimes these newspaper people come across that way. I’m sorry it didn’t      He just kept wanting to ask the questions right?


DG:      Yes, the same ones.    And you know the answer was the same


CMS:    (laughing).    What was the question and what was the answer?


DG: Why I’m not sure but  he kept saying are you associated with them or helping them out  and  I said no  I am no longer a member of that group. And then he called me back again and then he called me back again and, you know,  it was the same, same song  and so  I  got a call yesterday from, oh, I don’t know his name buone of the people on that committee, the director of it or whatever, and  he said we’d like for you to sign a paper that says that you are not a member of that committee  and so, I said, well, OK and so that’s what I did.    


CMS: Yes suh. I understand that part. Lemme see, today is what Friday and you were going to leave yesterday to go to Guatemala?


DG:    Well, we planned on it but I don’t know what happened but the church cancelled the program.


CMS:  Right, This thing they got you to sign –you might ought to look at it again because I’m afraid the newspaper people are  still going to be maybe asking you a question or two because they said that you had been a member of the VAC since it began since its inception.  


DG: Well, if you talk July when it was but you know what I still don’t understand the entire whirlwind about something that has nothing to do really with The Celebration.


CMS:  Well, I think the problem is that The Celebration was using the VAC to try to give some respectability to the horse soring problem they have down there.


DG: We simply wanted to measure some things to see if we picked up things that nobody else did.


CMS: Yes, suh, Well, OKAY. Well, I don’t know where it’s going to end up.  I just really wanted to let you know what they got you to sign was a lot more than that you were no longer a part of it.    What they got you to sign was a whole bunch more stuff. Basically, here’s one thing they said that you said that  on no occasion did you deny being a part of the VAC.    And, when you and I talked you said you weren’t part of the VAC, so


DG:  Well, I wasn’t, I wasn’t then.


CMS: Yes, suh so, yes suh


DG:  I had already called them and told them I wasn’t going to do it.  When you called me I had already told them that.


CMS:    Right, and that’s what you told me. We talked about two or three days ago when all this started. Today’s Friday, I reckon we talked about Tuesday or Wednesday and you just said you weren’t part of it.


DG:  I wasn’t and I’m still not.


CMS: And I don’t think you’re going to be either (laughing) from what you’re telling me.    Well, Dr. Goble thank you for taking the time to talk to me a little bit. It’s interesting; you just never can tell what’s going to happen.    But, I feel comfortable if I have to call you back on anything I can do it.    That’s all I can say. I hope to meet you one day. I’m up in Maryville quite a bit. There’s a court matter going on I check on periodically. You don’t live far from there do you?


DG: I live in Strawberry Plains.


CMS:    Yes, suh. How far is that from Maryville?


DG: Probably from Maryville I’d say about 30 miles


CMS: How long are you going to be in Guatemala?


DG: Well, I’m not going now because they cancelled the trip

CMS: Oh my goodness I didn’t realize that?


DG: Yes, that was what I was telling you. They cancelled that trip because of something going on, I don’t know what it was but we got word from them that we were cancelled.


CMS:    Well, thank you for taking the time, I appreciate. My name’s Clant. If I need to get back I’ll holler at you.    Good to talk to you, sir.


DG: Okay


CMS: Good to talk to you, Dr. Goble. Bye, bye.


DG: Bye



Veterinary Advisory Committee Joint Statement

August 29, 2014

The Veterinary Advisory Committee (VAC) to the Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration met earlier today, with its full membership present.

Drs. Jerry H. Johnson, Dallas O. Goble, and Phillip Hammock met to begin evaluating the current protocols they put in place at the 2014 Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration. They discussed what further steps might be taken to ensure the welfare of the breed and address a series of misleading and harmful comments levied at them, both individually and as a committee.

Dr. Goble has been a member of the VAC since its inception. He has been an active part of the committee in creating the protocols and introducing objective scientific tests, which includes digital x-ray and blood testing.

Furthermore, Dr. Goble states that on no occasion did he deny being a part of the VAC or absent from the process in the creation of the inspection protocols.

Dr. Gobles was in contact with this member of the media only once, contrary to the article he published on this subject. Dr. Gobles spoke truthfully, and throughout the week this particular member of the media has chosen to ignore repeated confirmations that Dr. Gobles was and is on the VAC.

The public is reminded that it was never a requirement or expectation that all the committee members would be on site to carry out the VAC recommendations.

In the past week, the VAC has received honest and fair coverage from multiple media outlets. Their stories have included critical remarks from others, but they were objective. We are deeply saddened that this one media outlet has chosen to take every opportunity to twist our words in order to create a sensational headline that is blatantly dishonest.

The VAC created the inspection protocols and the implementation is being supervised on-site by VAC chair Dr. Jerry H. Johnson. Leading show veterinarian Dr. John O’Brien is administering inspections and is joined by Drs. Bruce Howard and Margaret Mitchell (blood testing team) and Dr. Jennifer Miller (digital x-rays).

The VAC would also like to remind the public that its testing protocols are in addition to USDA inspections and, as has been stated from the beginning, VAC findings will be made public as soon as laboratory evaluations of blood samples are complete.

The VAC is completely committed to enhance the welfare of all equine and have dedicated their professional careers to this effort. Combined, the three-member VAC has over 125 years of experience as licensed veterinarians. They are extremely disappointed that the extraordinary welfare efforts have been overshadowed by untruths, inaccuracies and false information.

Further, Dr. Goble regrets that for personal reasons, he will not be able to participate in the evaluation of the results or continue to participate as a member of the VAC.

(signed in attached copy)                                (signed in attached copy)
Dr. Jerry H Johnson, DVM, Chairman                       Dr. Dallas O. Goble, DVM

(signed in attached copy)
Dr. Phillip Hammock, DVM

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Dr. Dallas O. Goble is telling the truth and the DVL Press Statement is filled with lies.