“My mother always told me “you can’t argue with ignorance” but once more I cannot let Licker ignorance be the last word here, Mr Rolfe Mullins. I know not every Licker sores horses, but it is not just soring that is cruel in the Big Lick. It is every aspect of the “training”. Let’s start off with the concept of biomechanical stress (if Lickers can even understand what the word means). By padding a horses front feet, you are changing weight / wear on bones, joints & ligaments & most of all the back. Most of these horses are also too young, (under five) Current research has shown that horses started under saddle too young get small stress fractures that cannot be seen (JL Morales DVM PhD 1998). Last week Chronicle of the Horse just published an article on the subject of riders weight. Current research states that rider weight should be within 10 to 15% of the horses weight. If you are in the 15 to 20% range you are causing your horse pain & damaging his bones & joints. Dr Morales says “weight of a rider will raise 2 – 3 fold during loco motion” so basically overweight riders are abusing their horses. Dr Gerd Heuschmann, a German vet has written a book & a DVD “If Horses Could Speak” that is groundbreaking in it’s use of animations showing the effect of weight & balance on a horses mucsle/skeletal system. Especially sensitive is the weight over the wither area. By placing weight over the withers you are restricting his ability to move. By being slumped over your horses wither in the typical Licker fashion, Not only are you forcing a forward action, but you are putting weight / pressure on the horse thereby restricting movement. Only Licker stupidity would try to get a bigger gait while weighing it down, but what the hell, “it’s a southern tradition” What about foot long shanks? I have never seen anything like them in any of my world travels, not even in third world countries. A soft mouth is always a horseman’s goal. Anything that restricts a horses ability to swat biting insects away is cruel. Lack of turnout, constant stalling, 24+ hour cross tying. A horses health is based on his ability to move. Restricting his ability to move & then expecting large grandiose movement borders on absurd. Inspection has become necessary because of Lickers refusal to follow rules. It is made more imperfect by corruption, “he who pays, plays”. As to respecting people who have seen the error of their ways, at least they stopped hurting their horses & there is that Biblical thing about forgiveness. You Southerners are big on that even on some really awful sins. As to your assertion that none of us who protest your abusive practices “own or show” TWHs, every single person I have met in the anti soring movement “owns & (some) shows” TWHs. Myself included. We accept their imperfections & enjoy their smooth ride. Some of us are involved in rescue & fostering horses that do not meet or fit your sick criteria of “beauty”. I have met many “world champions”, most in bad shape from the horrors they have suffered. I have seen the nicest horses cower at the sight of a crop. So don’t you dare Rolfe Mullins try to pile your Licker denial, ignorance & plain bs on me or any of the other compassionate people on here that care about the TWHs welfare. We know what you people do, we have seen your dirty work first hand. Go to a Licker site & boo hoo there about the government taking away your rights to hurt your animals. It doen’t fly here & I don’t care if you don’t like my big mouth. The only thing I care about are the horses.”

If he so chooses,  Mr. Mullins will be allowed an equal opportunity to respond to Ms. Lamb.

Nephew Eugene says the best thing Mr. Mullins can do is go fishing.