• Clant Seay  

    I wonder what Ms Billie Story from Spring Hill has to say about all this?

  • Laura Ousley 3 hours ago
    It is not right that these people who commit such heinous, violent crimes go on to the show as if they just received spending tickets. Thank you, Columbia Dailey Herald, for posting this article so that people can learn about this
    • Cynthia Laura Ousley 3 hours ago
      Thank you, Laura Ousley, for your good comment. I was stunned that the perpetrator of the attempted assault & reckless endangerment of Mrs. Teresa Bippen was not arrested on the spot & booked. Never in my life have I seen such blatant disregard for the law & such a lawless attempt to deliberately hit another human being. Mike Graves, another Horse Protect Act violator, also attempted an assault on the life & person of yet another protestor. Adding to this horrendous display of violence was Sheriff Rowland’s recalcitrance in releasing the Incident Report. It is standard procedure for Law Enforcement to issue an Incident Report within 3-10 days, yet Sheriff Rowland withheld this information from the public for 21 days. Why? I applaud the efforts of the editor of this newspaper to obtain a copy of the report as well. Thank you, Columbia-Herald.
  • Linda Pierson Bassel 5 hours ago
    Thank you for such an excellent report on this potentially life threatening situation. I am also pleased to know that your reporting will help to bring more attention to the ongoing proble with horse soring so prevalent in the tiny little division of walking horse shows that perform the “big lick” (less than 3% of all walking horses fall into this category). Peaceful lawful protesting is protected by the constitution and is the right of every citizen. I hope that the grand jury wil see fit to indict the individuals involved in this agressive attempt to inimidte Ms. Bippen.
  • Cindy Daughenbaugh Perkins 5 hours ago
    It took a long time for such an uncomplicated report to be issued by the sheriff. I hope the D.A. will be slightly more on the ball when it comes to presenting all the evidence to the grand jury. I think it’s ridiculous that this man wasn’t taken into custody at the time of the incident. There were actually 2 of these incidents with charges brought and in both cases the drivers were allowed to continue into the show. I hope the grand jury does the right thing and indicts this man for endangering a legitimate and lawful protestor’s life.
  • Paula Weaver 6 hours ago
    Thank you Daily Herald for exposing the actions of a small minded man in a big truck. Thankfully Teresa jumped out of harm’s way. The good folks of Columbia do not need this kind of lawlessness in their nice town. They showed that by the empty stands. Most of the attendees were those who rode in with the participants of the horse show. Columbia has better things to do with their park than allow this bunch to bring their abusive show to town.
  • ChristyLee 8 hours ago
    What an ill tempered individual this person was to put Ms. Bippen in danger. He could have killed her. I’m stunned that he wasn’t arrested on the spot for reckless endangerment. We know what he does to horses….apparently he has no qualms about harming humans either. People are aware of the pain inflicted on a horse by soring.. Stop that cruel process and maybe people like Jackson will get a grip.
    • Cynthia   3 hours ago
      Excellent comment, Christy Lee. Studies have shown that animal abuse leads to human abuse, which is demonstrated by the abusers trying to run down protestors. Both Jamie Lawrence & Mike Graves, the two drivers, have histories of Horse Protection Act violations.
  • Sherry Robinson a day ago
    Thank you for this article. I was naive about the abuse that goes on to make the Big Lick but have educated myself about the means to get the exaggerated gait. I own 3 nice TWalkers, such gentle creatures. There are plenty of shows with large groups of people and horses that don’t do the big lick. Take out the abuse and see the crowds come back and the economy grow.
  • Clant Seay a day ago
    Excellent reporting by The Daily Herald. The public has a right to know. Columbia, a fine progressive community, needs to eliminate the Animal Cruelty of the “Big Lick” Tennessee Walking Horse from using the Maury County Park as a venue for its “Big Lick” shows. The people living in Columbia and Maury County have heeded the call to BOYCOTT the first two shows in April and May. There is one more set for Oct. 2-3 at Maury County Park. Please BOYCOTT it, too.
  • Franchot Tone a day ago
    I dont care who you are, threat or intent to harm another with your vehicle is a crime and should be taken seriously.
  • Mike Gilmer 2 days ago
    Typical of the types who abuse an animal to enhance its entertainment value. I have said it before but if you can get a Tennessee Walker to have an exaggerated gait (the Big Lick) without chains, pads, and/or soring, then great (see the American five gaited Saddlebred), otherwise it is just abuse.
  • R.T. Fitch 2 days ago
    Hopefully the Grand Jury will render a decision that will discourage future aggressive and unwarranted behavior.


The jury is out on what a Maury County Grand Jury will do.

America,   and the World,  watches and waits.