SHELBYVILLE, TN – The Celebration “VAC” (Veterinary Advisory Committee) – now apparently consists of two persons – a former Walking Horse Trainers Association lawyer Mr.Tom Blankenship, and a guy hired in 2006 to gut the Scar Rule, Dr. Jerry Johnson, DVM,  This VAC duo met on Wednesday at the Celebration grounds,  and put on a dog and pony show which was much ado about nothing.   A third VAC member Dr. Phillip Hammock,   presently under fire with a Change. Org Petition asking him and his Knoxville Countryside Veterinary Services to sever ties with the Celebration’s  Big Lick Animal Cruelty,  was out of the country on Wednesday.

The VAC’s heavy hitters have fled the scene.

  •  Dr. Robert J. Hunt,  Hagyard Equine Medical Institute,  resigned from the VAC on July 17, 2015,  after VAC Officials apparently lied to Dr Hunt saying his involvement would result if removal of the Action Devices (CHAINS)  from the Big Lick Tennessee Walking Horse.
  • Dr. Dallas O. Goble, former Budweiser Clydesdale vet,  denied ever being part of the VAC last August 28, 2014.

Over 1,200 Petition have signed Ms.Laura Ousley’s Petition, and asked Dr. Phillip Hammock this question:

  • Being in the business of caring for animals, how can you be associated with the Big Lick Tennessee Walking Horse Animal Cruelty in any shape, form or fashion?

GobleHuntVACMEETING01VACMEETING02The reporter for the Shelbyville Times-Gazette failed to ask any questions of substance to VAC Spokesperson Mr. Tom Blankenship, or VAC Chairman Dr. Jerry Johnson.

And the newspaper ran the store on Page One.

Here is what Dr. Hunt had to say when he resigned:


Perhaps, the most interesting part of Wednesday’s “staged event” were the persons who were in attendance:


The lady wearing the blue headband with the Kentucky shirt is Candi Whitehead Green.The gentlemen to her left is her husband, Mr. Charlie Green, twice WHTA BOYZ Trainer of the Year, and always at the top of the Trainers list who have received the most Horse Protection Act Violation Citation Citations.  (Animal Cruelty).

Here are the Greens on May 30, 2015,  arriving at the Columbia Spring Jubilee Horse Show.  Mr. Green is driving and Ms. Green lays on the Horn:

Behind Mr. and Ms Green in the pictures are another Trainer couple,  Jill and Herbert Derickson.   Mr. Derickson has numerous Horse Protection Act violation citations and has served suspensions.

Here are the 2011 Riders Cup Trainer Rankings with the numbers of HPA violations following their names spanning years 2010 and 2011.

  1. Jimmy McConnell – 15 violations
  2. Charlie Green – 18 violations
  3. Knox Blackburn – 11 violations
  4. Tim Smith – 9 violations
  5. Michael Daniel – 5 violations
  6. John Allan Callaway – 2 violations
  7. Edgar Abernathy – 11 violations
  8. Justin Harris – 6 violations-Most of which occurred in 2011 after a year off for a 2-footer on 4/16/10
  9. Link Webb – 13 violations-Including a 2-footer in Oct, 2010, did not serve 1 yr, showed 2011 Celebration
  10. Joe Cotten – 4 violations
  11. Philip Trimble – 8 violations
  12. Brock Tillman – 10 violations
  13. Bill Callaway – 1 violation
  14. Bill Cantrell – 1 violation
  15. Brad Davis – 14 violations-Including a 2-footer
  16. Herbert Derickson – 6 violations-All in 2011 after ending a USDA suspension

At the far back left of the picture  in the white shirt is Mr. Walt Chism who is a long time crony of former WHTA Trainer Boyz attorney Mr. Tom Blankenship.

Mr. Chism and Mr. Steve Smith have presided over TWHBEA for the past two years and have now lost almost 26% of the association membership in less than 24 months.

Part 2 of this VAC  article will address those items for which the VAC is testing and not testing.

Nephew Eugene says that along with no accountability and transparency,  the VAC operatives Mr. Tom Blankenship and Dr. Jerry Johnson are nothing more than the high paid lackeys of the Big Lick Animal Cruelty crowd.

One can only wonder what the Shelbyville Times-Gazette was thinking about when it decided THIS was front page news.