“Big Lick” Horse Shows Dropping Like Flies – Arab, Alabama Joins List of “Big Lick” Animal Cruelty Shows On The Way Out

ARAB, AL – The Citizens Campaign Against “Big Lick” Animal Cruelty is taking a toll on those events featuring the brutal torture of beautiful  Tennessee Walking Horses in the name of family entertainment or for charitable purposes or for personal ego aggrandizement for a 50 cent ribbon.

The pubic is against the “Big Lick”, and its days are numbered with the amount of pressure and scrutiny being applied to those perpetrating the Animal Cruelty.

State by State      –      Town by Town         –       Show by Show 

  • Mississippi Charity “Big Lick” Horse Show  –   In the History Books – No More,
  • Panama City Beach “Big Lick” Horse Show40% Disqualification Rate – 4 Threats of Violence Against USDA Inspectors – PCB Not Going To Allow Another One,
  • Columbia Spring Jubilee “Big Lick” Horse Show  – 2015 violent crime of assault by “Big Lick” Walking Horse Trainer against a Citizen protestors & a 2016 Scandal when Horse Show Management apparently conspired with other parties to interfere with the First Amendment rights of horse show patrons and members of the press at the Columbia Spring Jubilee,
  • Wartrace “Big Lick”  Horse Show –  A horse show featuring 20 “Big Lick” Animal Cruelty classes in a historic setting known as the “Cradle of the Tennessee Walking Horse” is under intense public pressure.  Over  2,600 persons from every state in America and all over the World have signed a Change.Org Petition drawing attention to the Town of Wartrace on Saturday,  August 6, 2016.


Now,  add Arab, Alabama to the list of “Big Lick” Horse Shows on the way out.


The local Arab Tribune newspaper reported that the July 9, 2016Arab Parks and Recreation Department Horse Show featured only 41 horses in 31 classes.



The Citizens Campaign Against “Big Lick” Animal Cruelty has called for a “BOYCOTT” of the Tennessee Walking Horse Celebration – August 25 – Sep. 3, 2016.

The Tennessee Walking Horse Breed Registry (TWHBEA) in Lewisburg, Tennessee, continues on its downward spiral recently announced that its outsourced publication of the Voice Magazine has failed, It is now going to try a new company.  Also, informed sources report that the Association’s Secretary is no longer being compensated, and almost 30% of the TWHBEA members have fled the organization since “Big Lick” Advocate Mr. Steve Smith became President in December 2013.

This November 10, 2013,  Ad which appeared in The Tennessean newspaper documented the landslide vote by TWHBEA members to abolish the “Big Lick” was memorialized in this  Ad which appeared in the Sunday, November 10, 2013,  edition of The Tennessean newspaper has proven to be prescient.

63% "YES" - HR 1518

63% “YES” – HR 1518

Mr. Smith,  and his fellow “Big Lick” fanatics,   have since taken a path withdrawing into the “Past Act” Poll Map (December 2013) shown below which also predicted the future.


Nephew Eugene says that the Citizens Campaign Against “Big Lick” Animal Cruelty has all the momentum,  and the best days are straight ahead.

Front Porch - Hilltop Market - Theta, Tennessee

Front Porch – Hilltop Market – Theta, Tennessee