“Turn Out The Lights, The Party’s Over – (CCABLAC) Drives Celebration Attendance to All Time Low – Shelbyville Needs To Throw The Lickers Out

SHELBYVILLE, TN (CELEBRATION) (c) – The first Friday and Saturday nights of the 2016 Tennessee Walking Horse Celebration provided conclusive evidence that Tennesseans in general, and residents of Shelbyville and Bedford County in particular, will no longer support the TWHNC which features “Big Lick” Animal Cruelty.

The end of the Celebration as a “Big Lick” Animal Cruelty showcase is nigh.

It is no longer economically tenable.

As the late Dandy Don Meredith intoned,  “Turn Out The Lights,  The Party’s Over” seems appropriate.

Here are the damning numbers:

Friday, August 26, 2016 Attendance2,000+/-

9,612 (2013) vs. 2,000 (2016)

13,485 (2006) vs. 2,000 (2016)

Saturday, August 27, 2016 Attendance –  3,000+/-

12,839 (2013) vs. 3,000 (2016)

21,532 (2006) vs 3,000 (2016)


www.billygoboy.com retained a professional to tabulate and provide an accurate “head count” of the persons present in the general admission public West Grand Stands on Friday night, August 26, 2016, and on Saturday night,  August 27, 2016,  from the (c) photographs by www.billygoboy.com.

On Saturday, August 27, 2016, here is an accurate head count based on the following photograph.                                                                                                                      (Left to Right by section).
Head Count
Section 1 – 28)
Section 2 – 56
Section 3 – 94
Section 4 – 96
Section 5 – 111
Section 6 – 145
Section 7 – 56
TOTAL –   586

West Grand Stands – 12,000 Capacity – 586 Persons – 4.88% of Capacity


On Friday, August 26, 2016, here is a accurate head count based on the following photograph:

Head count
(Left to Right by section)
Section 1 – 7
Section 2 – 26
Section 3 – 29
Section 4 – 59
Section 5 – 41
Section 6 – 57
Section 7 – 23
TOTAL – 242

West Grand Stands – 12,000 Capacity – 242 Persons – 2.10% of Capacity


The trend is irreversible,  and the folks running the Celebration now have their community way behind the “power curve” and these numbers prove it.

When an event loses 86% of its spectators in 10 years,  much less the damage done to the community by smearing it with “Animal Cruelty” due to its being located here,  the time has come for the Shelbyville municipal and county leadership and citizenry to unify and tell Mr. David L. Howard and Mr. John T. Bobo, “Enough is Enough”, and demand that the “Big Lick” Animal Cruelty end at the beloved Celebration.

The parking area attendant who said, “It’s gone down real quick” – sure had it right.



Many persons and groups have had their shoulders to the wheel for quite a while to bring all of this about.  Many have contributed.   They can’t all be listed here, but some  include FOSH (Friends of Sound Horses),  the Humane Society of the United States which provided the “Jackie McConnell” ABC Nightline expose’, the efforts of various animal welfare groups,  the steadfast leadership and inspiration provided by former U. S. Senator Joe Tydings (D-MD),  author of the Horse Protection Act, contributions by U. S. Rep. Ted Yoho (R-FL), U. S. Rep. Kurt Schrader (D-OR),  U. S. Rep. Ed Whitfield (R-KY) and U. S. Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN), the “lady who lives in the field”, Carl Bledsoe, Clay Harlin, Johnny Haffner,  the consistent advocacy by the AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) and AAEP (American Association of Equine Practitioners),  support in principle by the American Horse Council, the PAST ACT Poll of the TWHBEA members,  a guy named Mr. Roy Exum,  Tennesseans Mr. Eric Swafford and Ms. Jurnee Carr, Tara and Keith Taylor, Kim Walker.  USDA AG SEC Tom Vilsack and Aphis Deputy Administrator Ms. Bernadette R. Juarez, a TWH named Gen’s Ice Glimmer and Ms. Tawnee Preisner of Horse Plus Humane Society who saved him ,  to name a few,  and there are many many others,  some of whom have been previously mentioned, and some of whom will be in the future.

Arguably,  the most important recent “difference makers” are the CCABLAC animal welfare advocates.    CCABLAC took the playing field,  starting in Mississippi in February 2015, when UMMC miraculously made a decision in seven days to sever all ties with “Big Lick” Animal Cruelty, and to refuse to accept a $50,000.00 annual contribution from the Mississippi Charity Horse Show which featured systemic “Big Lick” Animal Cruelty to Tennessee Walking Horses.


Now, over 100,000+  persons have signed Change.Org Petitions (Thanks NC Ms. Michelle Disney), and most importantly of all, 17 and counting Citizens Protests Against “Big Lick” Animal Cruelty have been held from West End in Nashville, Tennessee, to the Panama City Beach, Florida, to the MTSU campus,  to the Tennessee cities of  Columbia and Shelbyville,  Tennessee, and even to the U. S. District Courthouse for the Middle District of Tennessee in Nashville.

“They are having the Celebration this week, and we are asking everyone in this state not to attend” – CCABLAC 

So far.  U. S. Senator Lamar Alexander (R-TN) has not broken his 31 year string of not darkening the door at the annual Celebration in Shelbyville.  In case Senator Alexander decides to show up in year 32,   CCABLAC has invited Senator Alexander to visit the animal welfare advocates,  rather than the abusers he is in bed with,  and hear why Tennesseeans do not understand why at 76 years old Senator Alexanderis the Drum Major for “Big Lick” Animal Cruelty because some wealthy people donated to his re-election campaign.

U. S. Senator Lamar Alexander (R-TN) – “No Show” For 31 Years



These Citizens Protests have made the critical difference in the public turning away from Horse Shows featuring the “Big Lick”.

August 25, 2016 – CCABLAC @ Celebration

August 27, 2016 – CCABLAC @ Celebration

Nephew Eugene says the Rust Communications Shelbyville Times-Gazette newspaper publisher Mr. Hugh Jones and Editor Ms. Sadie Fowler have a major news story going on right under their noses that they are not covering which is the City of Shelbyville and Bedford County want absolutely NOTHING to do with the Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration so long as it continues to feature “Big Lick” Animal Cruelty to Tennessee Walking Horses.

The Rust Communication BOYZ,  Co-PresidentsJon and Rex,  need to decide if they want to have a newspaper in Shelbyville or just a soulless money machine.

It’s most of all,  time for the leadership of Shelbyville and Bedford County,  which did NOT appear in support of the “Big Lick” Animal Cruelty at the USDA Public Meeting in Murfreesboro on August 9, 2016,  to take charge of their destiny,  and do whatever is necessary to wrest control of their community back from the greedy selfish egotistical people who have lined their pockets while leading them astray.

Front Porch - Hilltop Market - Theta, Tennessee

Front Porch – Hilltop Market – Theta, Tennessee