DAY 38 – Over 21,000 Persons Have Called For “Big Lick” TWHBEA SR. Vice President Mr. Charles Gleghorn To Resign As TWHBEA Director_Officer

LEWISBURG, TN –  Since July 1, 2017, over 21,000+ people from all over America and the World,  have called for Mr. Charles Gleghorn to resign as Director and Sr. Vice President of the TWHBEA (Tennessee Walking Horse breed registry) Executive Committee. #CharlesGleghornResign


Mr. Charles Gleghorn (Center) – Sep. 2014

On March 16, 2017,  Mr. Charles Gleghorn was dispositively adjudicated to be in violation of the Horse Protection Act by a USDA Administrative Law Judge for allowing the entry of his “Big Lick” Tennessee Walking Horse – “The Sportster” – while SORE at the 2016 Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration.  “The Sportster” was to be shown by Mr. Gleghorn’s granddaughter in Class 85 – “Owner Amateur Youth 12-14 Mares/Geldings” on Sunday, August 27, 2016.

 “THE SPORTSTER”  – SORE @ 2016 Celebration                                     


Tennessean Calls For Mr. Charles Gleghorn’s Resignation

“This person, Mr. Gleghorn, should not be considered a suitable representative for the industry breed registry (TWHBEA) because of his repeated violations resulting in a 3 years disqualification under the HPA. This is another example of the dishonesty and disinterest of the TWHBEA to hold its officers and representatives accountable to its own by=laws, HPA regulations, decency when it comes this magnificent breed. There is absolutely no reasonable argument for this person to stay in this position. There are those who would argue that the industry can police itself and not involved the government. This is just another example that the “fox” guarding the TWHBEA and horse shows inspection which does not and will never work. They do not desire to hold their own accountable protecting the horse and the real industry rather than their own riches. This man needs to be removed from the office(s) that he holds.”                                            Ms. Rachael Robinson – Sparta, TN 


On March 16, 2017,  TWHBEA VP Mr. Charles Gleghorn received a three-year Federal Disqualification under the Horse Protection Act. He was fined $6,600.00 in a Default Decision entered by USDA Administrative Law Judge (ALJ)  Bobbie J. McCartney in Washington, D.C.,   on February 9, 2017,  regarding a Complaint filed on December 23, 2016.

Mr. Charles Gleghorn’s – “The Sportster” – SORE @ TN Walking Horse Celebration

The Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration night classes starts on August 24, 2017 – just 15 days away.

The Citizens Campaign Against “Big Lick” Animal Cruelty (CCABLAC) Animal Welfare Advocates will be there as they have been for the past two years – “Speaking FOR ‘The Horses’ Who Cannot Speak For Themselves”.


Nephew Eugene says CCABLAC has them right where they want them.

Stay tuned.

Number Two Man At Tennessee Walking Horse Breed Registry (TWHBEA) Hammered With Three Year Federal Disqualification For Sore Horses At 2016 Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration

Front Porch – Hilltop Market – Theta, Tennessee


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