Billy Go Boy & Radar

Billy is a grizzled old timer, colorful raconteur, ornery coot living off the land,   sharing the homestead with his trusty gaited  walking coon huntin’ mule Radar who can find his way home out of the thickest swamps on the darkest nights.   Speaking truth to power in the Tennessee Walking Horse community since 1996.  Things are now in the worst “fix” they have ever been.  All the  “The Lickers” and “The Flatters”  are welcome to come up to Theta and pull up a chair on the porch and talk Tennessee Walking Horse “goings ons”.    BGB


6 thoughts on “Billy Go Boy & Radar

  1. I have stopped using the walking horse report chat.It appears to me the howards did not want anyone who would question them.It looks like only one rich guy can say any thing and the Howards jump for him. I am looking forward to using this site

  2. My feed guy just shared your blog with me. I thought I was the only new resident of TN who was horrified by the cruelty of the treatment of Tennessee Walking Horse. I became ill just seeing the Big Lick without even knowing the full extent of the horror behind it. I note you do not mention the $25,000 bribe/donation/fee TWHBEA tried to give the World Equestrian Games to do a breed demonstration in Lexington & was rejected. What is wrong with the people in Shelbyville? They have a world class equine facility that should be hosting equine events every weekend, they could have a thriving community instead of the ghost town it is quickly becoming. All because they want to continue torturing the Walking horse. The rest of world sees it, why can’t they? The Walking horse was bred to be a type of endurance horse, able to cover a plantation in a day. None of the current Celebration champions would be capable of that. Strolling Jim supposedly plowed a field & took his owner from Wartrace to Shelbyville, competed & back to Wartrace. What has become of that tradition? Thank you for speaking truth to power & having a forum for other folks who are disgusted by this national shame. Where is the Madeline Pickens of the TWH? We need someone to buy out TWHBEA/The Celebration Inc, clean house with bleach & have the first rule be that no one with a USDA sanction can serve on the board of directors. Until that is done things will never change.

    • You express yourself so well. Thank you. If you have not become a member of the website, I encourage you to do so.
      Please go to Home page and look on the black bar under the picture of Theta and click on “How To Register”. Please keep commenting. Thanks.