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    • As a Northerner who moved here for years ago, I can state that the rest of the world regards the TWH world in Tennessee as evil animal abusers. Anyone who is involved in it is guilty of abuse. I always have to explain to anyone outside TN that I don’t “sore” , that my horse has never been padded. In fact he doesn’t even wear shoes. I understand now that I live here that there are quite a few people who love their animals & do not participate in the sickness that is associated with the Celebration & the “Big Lick”. Shelbyvilly has become more & more of a ghost town since I moved here. The bottom line is No self respecting horse lover would support a town that promotes cruelty. It is a shame that world class horse facility stands empty most of the year, but until they show some respect to the animal that earns them their $$$$, empty is what it will be.

      • I don’t see anything wrong with horses wearing shoes or pads.

        But I see a lot wrong with the practices and methods of soring which have developed with the built up pads.

        And I see the TWH breed crippled and dying because of the stigma associated with soring directly related to the pads and chains while the horses are being exhibited.

        HR 1518 is a matter of survival for the breed.


  1. NWHA’s National Show is there this year. I suspect most sound horse shows are afraid of that mysterious exhaust fume problem that results in so many foreign substance violations at the Celebration. 😉

  2. Those mystery fumes never “helped” my horses. 😛 My guys were very nervous in those Celebration stalls, much more unsettled then at Miller or MTSU. Celebration was fun, when I knew very little and just enjoyed the spectacle. Later in life it was a goal to win a ribbon with a sound horse. Now it is simply a waste of time and money to travel from much distance. I sure would not recommend the show as a tourist stop.

    • You are so right. The Celebration was fun, and most of what was done to the horses, was kept very hush hush. I too, was saddened when I found out what is happening in this group. I still kept hoping for change, but, am now disgusted by this groups refusal to do what is right for the horses and the breed. Just going to Shelbyville is uncomfortable and the people all live with such a cloud over them. No matter who they are. A survey was done last year, by the Gazette, I believe, and a clear majority of the people that live in Shelbyville do not want the Celebration there. The atmosphere is not one to recommend to anyone.

  3. I was disappointed when NWHA announced they would use the Celebration. They poled membership a couple of years ago and the support was not there. This BOD decided to go ahead anyway.

    • Not only that but the Celebration is giving NWHA $5000 toward the show and NWHA sponsored a championship class at the International, and WHOA is sponsoring at the NWHA show.

  4. I’ve got an idea.. ban the damn “SOREABRATION” until these abusers are consistently monitored, cited, and punished..and until the BL is dead.

  5. what is the take here on Marty Irby sending out his support of HR 1518 to popvox,also letting it be known on another twh this tru or just a little more smoke and mirrors for TWHBEA.

  6. I believe that “Money Talks” we have seen that for the past 50 or so years as far as the Sore Lickers go. THEY understand MONEY. I think everyone should boycott the Celebration until all of the stacks and chains are banned from, not only the show ring, but the show grounds as well.

    It didn’t take my late husband and I long to figure out how the TWH show world “worked” so we voted with our feet. The last two years that we bothered showing, we showed in all breed shows and had our horses enrolled in the TWHBEA Versatility Program. We did continue membership in the TWHBEA.

    We were pretty disgusted by what went on with the Sore Lickers, so we just went elsewhere to enjoy our horses. I got so fed up that after my husband’s death, I didn’t even renew my membership in the TWHBEA.

    I own four purebred Walkers, but their registrations are not current with the TWHBEA. I voted with my purse as well as my feet. My oldest horse is a daughter of The Pusher. I also own a half brother to Double Delight of Pride, now living and standing in Germany. My other two walkers are grandsons of WGC walkers. My horses are all naturally gaited and a pleasure to be around.

    I say it is past time for people who want sound, naturally gaited Walkers to boyott the Celebration.

  7. Why would anyone want to go see horse’s out of breath,lugging around that arena with those ridiculous pads. Now they have decided to add beer to the mix. Nothing like a bunch of drunk rednecks to get the party started.

  8. If I am understanding the latest events correctly, as I see it— here are the following probabilities.
    1. SHOW H.I.O. will either have to sign the mandatory penalties or be decertified.
    2. If they sign, the trainers will definitely be in the hot seat.
    3. If they don’t sign, the Celebration will be forced to affiliate with another H.IO.
    The hammer is coming down for sure – this whole thing is like a soap opera!
    In retrospect, if only the industry would have paid attention to the “winds of change” years ago……………
    Regardless, if you have a padded horse or a flat shod horse, few people understand the real reason for this hobby. These days it’s all about the “blue ribbon” and ONLY the “blue ribbon”. This quest for the “blue”, at all costs, has brought us to where we are today.Not many understand it should really be about having the courage to try your best, having the health to participate and being appreciative for whatever color ribbon you receive.

  9. I have told Nancy Grace that I welcome differing views, but I will insist on civility from all persons. It is possible to disagree without being disagreeable. If not, out you go : > ). BGB

  10. I just read where BGB has been taken off the Walking Horse Chat. This is a pathetic move on the Chat’s part. I love all divisions of the TWH (padded and flat shod) but I’ve gotten to the point where I can hardly stand the rhetoric of the padded folks and their inability to tolerate another point of view. Folks, take a moment to read those posts and you will clearly see why any kind of civility has “flown out the window” and why this industry is in the mess it’s in. What makes these people think they have the right to censor free speech?
    BGB, you are a “breath of fresh air” and I sincerely appreciate all the information you bring to all of us. I could less if you show, don’t show, own a horse, don’t own a horse, go to shows or don’t go to shows – I look forward to your commentaries.

  11. So you have to understand WHC economics. BGB was a draw, no matter what has been said. He helped WHC.

    Now those who opposed his Questions, Revelations, and Predictions really pissed off those living in the Sore Licker dreamland.

    Unfortunately, the dollars gained versus the threatened potential lost dollars required a change by management. Agree with it or not, the site owner is responsible for ensuring the success of the site. I don’t agree with the boot but that is a personal feeling, not a business one.

  12. By the way, Nancy Grace Castleman was banned due to violation to terms of service. It’s ok to disagree civilly. What she did was way over the line. And I won’t tolerate it. BGB

  13. I am so happy to see these posts. That just means all of us thast want tne “Big Licks” DONE and over–and after 40 years no less…. You would think the people would look at what happens to the horses–the pain, and and that alone would be enough.

  14. Bought a walking horse and loved her dearly. Rode for pleasure and had fun. Bought a “better” horse and started showing in pleasure classes. Learned to ride better and had a lot of fun. Bought a “better” horse and got serious about showing. Met lots of nice people and had a lot of fun. Bought a “better” horse and actually won a blue or two. Learned a bit too much about horse show judging politics and still told myself I was having fun. Bought a big lick and enjoyed the ride. Never got a good ribbon but still had fun. Took that big lick to a trainer, got my eyes opened, got my purse drained, got my horse foundered, and did not buy a “better” horse. Tried to recovered my friend from her founder, showed her a bit but she was still not fully sound. My showing friends told me to stop trying to make her better as I had her “just right”. Turned my friend out to pasture and bred myself a smooth gaited horse. I am back to having fun on the trails and at the sound pleasure shows only. Best of all, I go to bed each night with a clear conscience.

    • “My showing friends told me to stop trying to make her better as I had her “just right”.

      So they were saying that the pain from founder made her just right. Well i guess the Performance crowd knows just how much painful hooves contribute to that “just right” movement. Good on you for going full circle and getting back to enjoying your horses.

      • It was a hard thing to do, to go against the grain, but I am sure glad I took that step. Me and God had a big discussion one evening as I grazed my “just right” friend after she nearly fell down with me while I was riding. My friends told me to get after her, spur, whip and hold her head up. I did but it sure felt wrong. I pour out my troubled heart to Jesus and felt so much better. I know I decided to turn my back on mistreating my animals that very night, even though it took a few months and a lot of courage building for me to put the necessary steps into practice. New barn, pasture instead of stall, new farrier, changed expectations, new associations, and permission to myself to just enjoy the horse.

        • Thanks for having the courage to post this. I hope that someone who is struggling with their own choices regarding their horses will read it and be encouraged. Please will you share some of these thoughts on the TWHBEA home page, people who have firsthand knowledge of this type of abuse have to come forward to educate those who just don’t understand what is going on, or think it is “isolated” or just a “bad apple” trainer. Bless you for your decision.

  15. Great quote from a British horsewoman that the lickers should take to heart,
    “Dominance doesn’t make a horse do what you ask. Love for what they do with you, the confidance they feel with you & the trust you share, that is what keeps you both tethered to each other. Mosie T

    A friend sent me a link to some old footage on You Tube of Strolling Jim & Midnight Sun. Such gorgeous animals. You do not see big horses like that anymore. TWHBEA has some ‘splaining to do. Membership has to clean house

  16. I’ve have been out of Walking Horses for about 10 years. I can see that it is still the same ole BS with the USDA, Celebration, etc. However, Are there any good sound trainers? I would like to buy a really good light shod show horse “SOUND.”

  17. Just want to say, keep up the good fight, and I will to. I have called and emailed my representatives about the PAST act and will continue to do so. I am 65, and had a Walking horse when I was a young adult. He was one of the two best horses I ever owned and loved. So smooth, and so gentle. I could trust him with a friend’s 10 year old daughter. I will, to my dying day, fight for the right of the TWH to walk free.