How To Register

1. Please go to “HOME”page and look on the right side of the page under the picture and you will see META and the first link is a blue “REGISTER”.
2. Please click on the blue “Register” and provide your USER NAME (it can NOT be changed) and your e-mail address which will NOT be displayed.
3. A link will then be sent to your e-mail address along with a password. Please be sure and check your Spam Filter if you don’t receive the e-mail.
4. Please click on the link in the e-mail and “Log In” using the password provided.
5. Once logged in, please enter your profile information and you can create a new password and a DISPLAY NAME which can be different than your USER NAME.
6. Then you can click on – either the “Billy Go Boy Chat” at the top left or at the top right “Howdy, Your User Name”, and you are good to go.
7. You MUST be Registered and Logged In to participate in BGB Chat Room.
8. Welcome!

Note: Please be assured that your e-mail address will NOT be displayed.

Commenting & Chatting Rules:
1. Please don’t say anything you wouldn’t say in front of your Mother at the dinner table.
2. Please don’t forget Rule #1.

Again: You MUST be registered and logged in to participate in Chat Room.

“Lickers” and “Flatters” are equally welcome.


Billy Go Boy

2 thoughts on “How To Register

  1. The only reason I kept going back to the WHC was to see if BGB was on –now I can just log on to your web! Thank you for bringing us all much needed information! Love your sense of humor!!

  2. I hope to join the followers of Billy Go Boy .I have owned, shown & trained all breeds of horses the USA has to offer. My favorite by far is Tennessee Walking horses and especially the flat shod speed Racking Horse, the ones that do a true racking gait. I have been riding since” I was knee high to a grasshopper” I bought my first Walker in 1960’s before USDA involvement, so I have seen some really bad abuse !! I can say I personally NEVER did anything that would sore a horse & won plenty of blues on my sound horses, the ones I trained myself, I have ridden sore horses trained but other trainers, did I know they were sore ? I didn’t actually witness the trainers “fix” them nor did I ever show a horse that creeped & crawled to the ring or inspection but I’m pretty sure they were sore. I speak the truth and I like having friends who do the same ! Some people know the truth but they do not speak it. One of the Ten Commandments is Thou Shalt Not Lie of course if we all would follow this set of rules, what a wonderful world this would be !!! Their would be no need to have someone check our horses to see if their feet were sore. I guess this means those who refuse to lead their horses to be inspected are in fact telling the truth, their horses could not pass the inspection due to scaring, chemically sore feet or pressure shoeing. Hmm food for thought! Maybe I don’t necessarily want to be friends with everyone who tells the truth because in this case the truth would hurt, literally, not the person of course but the poor horse that couldn’t make it through !