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From the Federal Courthouse steps at Chattanooga, following the sentencing of Jackie McConnell for violating the Horse Protection Act, former U. S. Senator Joseph Tydings, the original sponsor of the HPA in 1970, challenged U. S. Senator Lamar Alexander and The University of Tennessee to STOP providing the annual UT Homecoming football game as a venue for the exhibition of the World Grand Champion Tennessee Walking Horse. UT heard Senator Tydings.
Kimbrell Hines from Winchester, Tennessee, is shown representing Tennessee 4H Clubs exhibiting her keg shod Tennessee Walking Horse, “A Daring Affair”, at Neyland Stadium before the 2012 Homecoming game.

Joy Kimbrough | The Daily Times

Joy Kimbrough | The Daily Times

2012 - University of Tennessee Homecoming

2012 – University of Tennessee Homecoming

9 thoughts on “The Future

  1. There should be no shortage of beautiful TWH, such as this one, for the games. I see this as a big step for Tennessee. Kudos to them for seeing the light!

  2. I was so happy to see a non-big lick horse for the homecoming game. I told friends that were going to the game to boo if they saw a padded horse come out! lol

  3. As a UT student in the mid-1960’s, I witnessed the “good-ole” running walk of a beautiful walking horse at homecoming; then in the 1970’s, the horse’s stature started changing and became horrible to watch with hocks parallel to the ground and the spine of the horse’s back tilted downward from the withers to the point it was impossible for a rider to sit astride with pride and elegant horsemanship. UT has a wonderful equine hospital and vet school, so I am now proud that UT is finally reflecting the Tennessee Walking Horse as a horse of natural beauty and talent.

  4. Lets all start using — spreading the “Sore” Lickers name…. I am now at 55 years old a die hard trail rider! My walker mare is the best darn horse I ever had. I just can not imagine why people ever let the stupid big shoes get started…? (I used to ride TB’s & Holsteiners jumping around in circles) Every breed has idiots (don’t kid yourselves) there are many unhappy dressage horses out there but I think TWHBEA is the worst for letting soring go on for so many decades. I quit supporting them by not paying $ membership dues until they stop all the “Sore” Lick Classes. It is all politics — vote or should I say stop voting with your check books people 🙂

    • I’ve stayed a member of TWHBEA hoping my vote for non-licker people would make a difference. Hoping participating in the Distance Award program, not showing and as a riding instructor teaching students this way would be a part of the solution. This year I have yet to renew and am still hesitant. You make a good point that my checkbook is a vote, and so is that of all my students that I had join so they could vote.

    • You also make a good point. God willing the bill will pass through congress to end pads an chains. BUT ….. I’ve watched trail pleasure classes where Lite Shod candidates won the class because the judge was rewarding horses that had more action. My understanding of the rules was in trail the horse shouldn’t have more than a 45 degree lift in front. I know if my horse is breaking 90 degrees in front on a competitive trail ride he will not cover as mush ground and will fatigue faster. Just think a judge should understand the versatility of the TWH and what it should look like in all divisions – OR DON’T BE A JUDGE.

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